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Gorgeous Wedding Gown Trends for Brides-to-Be in 2018

The time for your big day is getting closer. Of course, there are plenty of things to take care of for your wedding prep in order to organize your dream wedding. And sometimes, it’s difficult to avoid the stress of it all. This is why your search for the perfect wedding gown should be everything […]

A Few Tricks to Get a Hollywood Smile

Have you always envied Cheryl Cole or Tom Cruise for their perfect pearly white smile? Well, you certainly have something to be jealous of, but you should also know that those teeth weren’t a gift from Mother Nature. Only after several dental procedures were they able to dazzle us with their smile. So, if you’re […]

Face Mask Review: Masked Beauty Clay Facial Masks

“This is a sponsored post, powered by BrandBacker” I had the privilege of testing out two full size jars of clay facial masks by the company, Masked Beauty. I was sent an Exfoliating Coffee & Chocolate Facial Mask and a Purifying Charcoal & Diamond Facial Mask. These are luxury masks with ingredients that you can […]

Dog Harness Review by Mugenter

This is a sponsored post by Mugenter Fashion isn’t just for humans, it’s for our wonderful little pups too. I had the privilege of reviewing a very needed accessory for my dog…a dog harness! The company Mugenter is the manufacturer and brand owner of all Mugenter products. They have just started selling on Amazon from last year. […]

Ask Peter: How to Choose Red Wine

In general, red wines are tailored to people who fancy flavorsome, full-bodied beverages. I am going to assume you want the best of the best, just like me. Well, the only problem is that shelves are packed with products that lure you with promises of best-tasting wine experience ever. In truth, to pick a winning […]

How to Look Effortlessly Put-Together

One of the most coveted looks in recent years is the ‘effortlessly striking’ look. However, just as we’ve learned from the numerous ‘no-makeup’ makeup tutorials, it ironically takes a great number of products to achieve the ‘bare fresh-faced’ look. The same goes for outfits, the largest number of people who walk by you on the […]