Bling Bling…I Got the RING!

ss034As the holidays near, this is a time for love, joy, and giving. Whether you are buying for someone else, or just yourself, bling bling…buy a ring! I was never really into rings before I met my boyfriend, as I always hated jewelry clanking against my own fingers. However, he bought me a cute little heart ring and that little ringy ding ding opened up my eyes. I realized I was missing out on a whole other world of fashion accessories.

Now, there are serious rings (engagement or wedding) and there are fun, cute, and pretty rings (for all other occasions). I know the holidays brings proposals to us gals. But, if you are not one of those gals and are just looking for some girly rings, then follow me… ss019

So, I am kinda in love with “Vancaro”…I know, not what you thought I was going to say right? Yes yes, I could have said my boyfriend, Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp, but then that would bring me right back to those engagement rings and that is not where this little trip is taking us. “Vancaro” is a rocking site of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and rings. They have a very romantic and feminine feel, perfect for any phalanges (uh..fingers my dear) to slip around.

I feel these rings are very fairly priced for the quality. Just make sure that before you order them online, to know exactly your true ring size. Make sure to go into an actual ring store first and get your finger measured for the right fit. jiezhi000016-0

jiezhi0009-0The rings featured here range from $35.00 to $90.00. Now, the rings can go up, but it just depends on which rings your into, of course. I am a sucker for the Rose colored fashion jewelry myself, but go to their website and take a gander. See what strikes your fancy and put a ring around it, even if he won’t (hehe)

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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