Boutique Handbags: The Wardrobe Essential Accessories

Modern trends in the fashion accessory market have seen a surge in the obsession for handbags. Due to the necessity of various handbags for different occasions, it has become a recent trend every fashion-conscious woman follows; the market for boutique handbags has seen a tremendous growth in the past decade. Handbags are vital accessories that complete the attire of a woman. There are almost endless varieties of handbags that can be mentioned, however the most common types in vogue are:

1. Tote handbags


The term tote means carriage and tote bags are characterized by an open top and they could be either rectangular or square in shape. They are usually large bags with straps that make them easy to carry around with ample space and compartments for belongings. Main usage benefit being space utilization, tote boutique handbags make perfect option for travel as well.

2. Clutch purse


These are small strapless bags to be held in the palms of the hand or under the arm. The compactness of the bag allows only necessary smaller items to be carried in them and usually used for evening occasions. Clutch purses are fancy handbags, hence often decorated with crystals, sequins to match evening attires for parties. They can also be categorically used as a wallet to carry money.

 3. Wristlet


Very similar to clutch purses, wristlets can be trendy boutique handbags which have a small strap attached to its one end so that it can be hung from the wrist. This bag provides ample freedom of movement to the person carrying it. Due to its small compact design, there is only space to carry valuables such as cash, bank cards, ID cards, mobile phone and some products of makeup like lipstick, compact powder etc. Especially useful when one is unwilling to carry a big shoulder bag while going out.

4. Hobo bags


These shoulder bags are crescent-shaped specially used for casual outings. The crescent-shaped bottom is the striking feature that makes the bag crunch downwards. It has a strap that can be worn over the shoulder and has a zipper top. Boutique handbags dealers use very soft and flexible materials to give that slumped down look.

5. Beach bags


These are very large roomy bags, ideal to carry a lot of essentials when travelling. Since they are usually used for beach trips, boutique handbags makers use colorful fabrics to give the bags a vibrant look. Relaxed yet smart look, they are usually made from water-resistant materials, such as straw, bamboo, jute, or waterproof synthetics. Apart from beach travel purpose, they can also be used for picnics or casual outings.

6. Shoulder bags


These are very basic bags with a shoulder strap and large compartments. There are many varieties available, most common are bucket bags. They derive the name due to their shape. These bags are top open bags, either with a drawstring or a button to help the top close. Bucket bags specially do not have compartments but may have a small zipper compartment to keep cash and coins.

7. Satchel


They are perfect for working women and they are daily use bags that can easily carry laptop. They are stylish, sturdy, and durable.

8. Quilted bags


These are iconic bags that suit all occasions and spaces be it personal or professional.

Boutique handbags are a fashion favorite for women in every sphere of the society, be it a homemaker or a career-oriented individual. Women of today carry a personality and are trend-setters of modern society. Progressive women have a specific preference for their outfits and accessories to match their personality in every circle of the social environment. Since accessories are a vital part of fashion nowadays and handbags being one vital fashion accessory, will always hold a timeless charm.

Alyssa Moylan, Associate Editor

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