Disney Inspired Princess Rings

Disney has inspired a whole line of rings from it’s many favored movies. What I like is that they are creating the rings to resemble the colors and feel of the characters by their hair, clothing, and style.

Disney Rings

To buy these exact identical rings may be a bit difficult. However, you can buy a very close resemblance from a site called Gemvara. I am sure that many of you are now seeing this website popping up on banners everywhere, as I have. At Gemvara, you can customize the rings, even though they are already pre-customized to look like the originals. You can see the exact pricing, colors of the gems, and what components of the rings are silver and gold and even what grade.

Just click on the movie name below to get all the details of the rings.

These films & characters include:

To view even more rings with the designers who made them, check out Disney Treasures. This site has even more unique and cool rings made from other characters you wouldn’t expect.

My favorite ring is Pocahontas (original and not replica). The original is so gorgeous and the one sold on Gemvara doesn’t quite measure up for me.

You know mine, so what’s your favorite Disney ring?

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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