Figure 8 Neck Scarves

I know that scarves have been around forever, but I feel like they are really in style now. Before when you went to the store, all you found was just one long scarf. Now it is all about the Figure 8 Scarves. I like these kinds of scarves because they drape easily, you can dress them up or down, as well as giving pattern and texture to your outfits. I feel like the one long scarf was just awkward to wear. Yes, there are a lot of ways to tie a regular long scarf, but I feel like you need a manual to get it right. These new scarves are just so darn easy and they always look good. I have to say that I might soon be aquiring a scarf obsession soon.

You can buy a Figure 8 scarf like this one below at Anna Maria Horner’s website for $24.


I am a fan of skulls myself and while at Meijer the other day, I just had to pick this scarf up. Besides, it was on sale for only $11.20; so how could I refuse?


Looking for a great way to hang all your scarves? Well, you can either buy a holder or make one yourself!

1. You can build your own scarf hanger only using shower curtain hooks and a wooden hanger. If you decide to make one, just follow these easy steps by Cornflower Blue. Yep, that’s it! Very easy way to store these wonderful little neck warmers.

2. If you decide to buy one, they have a hanging form with 10-15 holes made in it. Depends on where you buy it, but I was a Ross Dress for Less and they do have one for $10.

If you like colors and patterns and are looking for a new trend, then this may just be your ticket to a new accessory on the rise!

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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