Little Black Dress: Jewelry Holder

Ok girls, I have struggled with using the stand up jewelry holders, usually shaped in the form of a woman’s body. But NO more! These holders take up too much space and are not long enough to drape my long necklaces. When multiple necklaces are strung on one branch, they get tangled with the others. Oh, and did I mention that they tip over easily?


Well, move over headless body! There’s a new Sheriff in town and it she’s wearing a ‘Little Black Dress.’ The LBD is iconic and classic; so why not give women what they want? This dress ‘hangs’ well on the body, so why not let it hang on your door? So many women have this dress hanging in their closet, for that one day, when they will need to pull it out. Well, with the LBD  fashion jewelry holder, it will get use every single day. No more loneliness little dress! Women will be diving their hands into the many pockets and placing their beloved necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings into each and every one of them.

Say goodbye to the hassle of the headless horsewoman and hello to the reinvention of the dress wheel! This dress is two-sided and there is plenty of room for your jewelry, without the mess! You can buy this dress in stores or online. It is available at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and at the Container Store for $19.99. 

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor


  1. Coco Chanel designed the LBD in the 1920’s, to be long lasting, versatile and accessible to the widest market possible. The LBD is considered by many women and fashion designers as one of the essentials in your wardrobe. Every woman should own a simple, elegant black frock that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. e.g. worn with a jacket and pumps as workwear during the daytime or with accessories including designer jewellery for evenings out.

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