2018 Tattoo Trends

One of the most creative forms of self-expression is definitely a tattoo. Whether you’d want to let others know what your favourite quote is, or what has always been your main moto in life, once you put it on your body it becomes a part of you forever, acting as a lovely adornment as well. So, if you’ve been looking for an inspiration, check out some of the 2018 tattoo trends.



Very specific shading techniques are the trademark of watercolour tattoos. The result should be a watercolour painting-like look on the skin. No borders and low contrast are some of the characteristics of watercolour tattoos, as well as the tendency to fade out much faster than any other type of tattoo. Also, you can wear these tattoos in three different ways. First, you can combine the colours with minimalistic images and symbols. The other way is to have a particular picture and get it inked with colourful splashes. The third way to wear your watercolour tattoo is to get an entirely abstract look, with a tattoo completely devoid of shape or form. It’ll look as if you’ve been splashed with various colours all over a particular part of your body.

Hand poked tattoos


The trend that’s been around for ages, but has only become mainstream in the recent couple of years due to its large promotion by celebrities, is the trend of hand poked tattoos. This ancient practice has been popular worldwide, from Europe to Australia and to North America, only to become one of the biggest tattoo trends in 2018. A hand poked tattoo often looks more tribal and frequently utilizes armbands and repetitive shapes and patterns. They’re also more painful than any other type of tattoos and they tend to swell up more.

Japanese tattoos


One of the oldest tattoo styles is Japanese ink. The design inspired by the popular Koi fish, dragons, and Japanese folklore offers a unique tattoo to every person. They’ve become incredibly popular all around the world, especially in the Land Down Under. So, if you want to do a trendy and unique ink in Australia, you can get incredible Japanese tattoos in Sydney. One of the most impressive body art styles is the traditional Japanese tattoo that hides symbolism in every single detail.

Minimalist linear tattoos


The popularity of minimalist linear tattoos reaches new heights year after year, and in 2018, tattoo artists have had more requests about these types of ink than ever before. One of the major appeals of this style is precisely the fact that it’s less of a commitment than some other more complicated and larger images. One aesthetically pleasing line is all this trend requires, and the best thing is that they will never go out of style.

Black and grey tattoos


One of the growing trends of 2018 are also black and grey tattoos. The key to getting a fabulous black and grey tattoo is in its shading. Only if an artist manages to add a special depth to a tattoo with the use of black and grey ink will the tattoo take its unique form. Blackwork that offers a sleek, elegant but at the same time somewhat intimidating look gains on popularity day in day out. Realism, dotwork, and linework are just some of the styles black and grey tattoos can include.

From watercolour, to minimalistic, black and grey, Japanese, and hand poked tattoos, 2018 is full of amazing skin decorating trends. However, keep in mind that trends change, and you should only consider some of them as an inspiration if you can’t decide what to put on your skin. It’s essential that you think it through and only opt for a certain trend if you know you’ll love it for the rest of your life.

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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