5 Reasons Why Mules and Slides are the IT Shoes

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Well, summer has been really fun, and we got to see a lot of fantastic fashion, both on the runway and on celebrities. Everyone seems to be really sad about the fact that the sunny days are going away, but a real fashionista knows that fall is when things get interesting in fashion. The most popular shoewear trend for 2017? Mules and slides! These babies are so great and they don’t seem to be going anywhere, so if you’ve been longing for an excuse to stock up on pretty shoes, we come to the rescue.

They are the comfiest thing you can wear



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Are you confused about the difference between mules and slides? Well, technically, mules have a closed toe, and slides have an open toe. However, the terms are often used interchangeably along with “clogs.” It all has an interesting history, but it doesn’t really matter how you call them. Mules and slides are made to be comfortable, and if you’re sick of stilettos and back-breaking shoes, these will thrill you. Flat-heeled mules are particularly awesome, and we’re happy to see this trend persisting even now, during fall.

Perfect for the office



Mules are really easy to pull off at work, and they’ll look amazing if worn both in a casual, and formal environment. A black leather pair can be worn with a pantsuit for a professional yet laid-back look, or you can combine them with an A-line skirt, and a pullover over button-down shirt. It’s a good idea to keep a pair in the office and slip them on whenever you get tired of your heels, but want to keep looking stylish through the day.

Light and easy to carry


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Want perfect back-up shoes that can easily fit into your bag? Use a celeb trick and keep a pair of comfortable Birkenstock sandals in your bag. They’re chunky and trendy, and they can be styled with ease if you’re creative. Just look at Rosie Huntington sashaying down the street in a cute dress and these shoes. Want a fall look? Just throw on a denim jacket, wear a sassy scarf and rows and rows of bangles, and you’re ready for a casual party.

They suit everyone


These shoes are really easy to combine with different elements and create outfits that suit your style perfectly. Slides, loose culottes, and a gingham off-the-shoulder top are chic and good for every day, but you can easily wear these shoes to a party, or even a formal event. Wear mules with slacks or cropped pants, or wear them with wide skirts and below-the-knee dresses, it all works. Leather mules look nice when paired with trench coats and form-fitting sweaters, and you want to make sure you always have a bag to go with them.

All the celebs are rocking them


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From Selena Gomez to Gigi Hadid, slides and mules are all over the red carpet this year, and celebs love showing them off. Think slides are too casual to be worn outside? Then look at Kendall Jenner rocking some bling on her shoes and wearing them with a fur coat and a pair of jeans. Who says glamour has to be uncomfortable? If you want something that’s really classy, then pick white leather mules, and wear them with a 60s-styled polka-dot dress, headscarf, and pin up makeup. Vintage and sexy in one outfit. Another cool idea? Chunky slides and long, flowy hippie dresses and leather bracelets.

It’s really great when fashion takes us in cool new directions. Mules and slides are a little retro, a little rebellious, and perfect for a busy woman who wants both style and comfort every day.

~ Claire Hastings, Associate Editor

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