All I Want for Valentine’s Is…Practicality!

I have to thank good old Hallmark for making this holiday an excuse to shop. Yes folks, you heard me, but I am not shopping for a man or my best friend. Nope! I am shopping for, well…ME. Isn’t it time to be practical for a change? Candies will make you gain weight and ruin your New Year’s resolution, so I don’t want those. I have enough stuffed animal “I Wuff You” dogs from boyfriends past, so I don’t want those. I have enough cards that I will keep for a month, then end up recycling, so I don’t want those.

All I want for Valentine’s is (no…not my two front teeth :mrgreen:) a practical gift for myself!

Nikki’s Valentine Holiday Fashion Picks… <3 <3 <3 1. Knitting Fingerless Gloves from Emel’s Gloveshop $28.00



2. Happy Hearts Bubble Stick Umbrella from Amazon $29.99


3. Heart Elbow Patch Sweater from Three Bird Nest $58.00


4. Heart Black and White Striped Knee Highs from $4.50


5. Love is Contagious Sock Monkey Valentine Pajamas from Cafe Press $44.50


~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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