Aztec Dresses

With different colours and patterns, it’s hard to make your mind up about what to wear this season. Patterns such as “Aztec” have made a huge impression on the majority of designers with mixtures of pieces, all featuring the fantastic vivacious colourful Aztec print.

My favourite piece this season has to be the figure hugging Aztec dress, with a variety of colours, types of patterns and necklines to choose from, I’ve somehow managed to end up with at least ten different types of these dresses.

I actually first saw these dresses out in spring. Occasionally, you’d see the odd person wearing one. I then was introduced to them by my wonderful cousin, she convinced me to buy one; telling me all about the types you can get. So, eventually my curiosity overtook and we ended up in Liverpool. Where I got my first dress, it was from Storm at about £10. It was a pastel coloured Aztec print containing the two most popular colours of this season: Mint Green and Sherbet pink. It also had glittery gold involved in the pattern. And let me tell you, I fell totally in love with them.


This Dress here is from New Look, this neckline cut is quite high due to the capped sleeves introduced in this fabulous dress. This Aztec print has a more geometrical horizontal print, with the well matched colours of a light grey and a light pink and in this piece the gold is introduced.

All the dresses do come in different lengths like down to your ankles, above the knee cap, or the “Midi dress” which is proving to be the most popular that goes half way down your calves.


This dress above is from Primark, at about £10 pounds. This pattern includes a multitude of colours from light purple to a sweet pastel yellow. This dress is again the “midi” style but the neckline resembles a high neck halter top style. There is a multitude of accessories you can team this dress with such as belts. A good idea would be to pick out a particular colour and work with it or highlight all six colours!


This dress here is a long sleeved above the knee body-con dress. Printed on it is an “African Aztec Tribal Print.” The colours manage to stay light and pastel for the season but can work with metallic. The appearance of certain shades of grey seems to have a texture to it. The detail on this dress is incredible, working with one colour and its varying shades. This particular piece is from “American Apparel” at the RRP of £42.00.


This dress is on (one of my all-time favourite websites). This particular dress has an eye catching pattern with vivid colours making it a great piece to wear on a hot sunny day! The different thing about this dress is that it has an open back for those daring Fashionistas. This dress was about £15.00.


This racer back midi length dress from is a wonderful way to incorporate pastel shades with a different look. The best thing about this piece is that the back is not all that common, and the shape of the back would flatter your shoulder bones. You do have to be careful with this piece primarily because of the shoulders, if you are an inverted triangle shape it may make your shoulders look bigger, which is what you want to avoid. This piece is again at the price of £15.00.


You want the figure flattering look? Well here you go, the side panels on this dress enhance anyone’s figure. The difference about this dress and most others I’ve seen recently is that this dress is strapless. The bold, bright, Aztec pattern is bound to catch anyone’s attention, making this piece truly eye-catching and daring. You can find this ensemble again, at at yet again £15.00.


This is a fantastic example of how you can bring the Aztec Body-con dress into the fall, with these muted colours and neutral browns this dress is wonderful to add to your Fall/Autumn wardrobe. Easy to team up with a brown bag or shoes or many other accessories, the possibilities for this piece are endless. This piece can be found on the fabulous “” at £18.00.


This dress is a flawless case of other body-con dresses. As popular as the Aztec print is, you don’t have to just stick with that particular print. You can experiment and look around like this “Newspaper print” midi body-con dress from the fabulous Topshop at £35.00.


Another example of how the body-con dresses don’t have to be all Aztec print is this fantastic floral panel design from at £18.00. The floral patterns down the sides give the illusion of a thinner waist and “better figure.” The plain black on the back of the dress can also show you that they don’t even have to have a print on it, if you don’t want. The decision is completely up to you: the buyer.

These fantastic dresses can range at any price. You do have to be careful with garment washing instructions as some of the dresses are different than others. I would also recommend referring to figure shape to help you shop for the right necklines, patterns, or details that may be on the dress! This summer trend is a comfortable, good fitting, colourful and a great look for this summer. My bet is that if you’re careful enough with colours and so on, you could carry this trend straight into the Fall/Autumn season!

~ Charlotte-Louise Ferguson, Associate Editor


  1. I looove aztec designs, they look great on accessories and jewellery as well (this is what I prefer).
    I wanted so much to recreate this style on my nails but this good purpose has remain on my to-do list for a while 🙁
    I must fix it!!
    Have a wonderful day

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