Beachwear Makes A Return From the 1940’s

40's vs. todayBeachwear styles have been around over the many years; the only thing we really know is that eventually the classic looks will always comeback. Just as the temperature goes from cold to hot, new styles of bathing suits begin to end up at stores and an old 40’s trend has been resurrected. High wasted bathing suits…

This style was popular back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, until the bikini style came along and the high waisted style drifted off. Both of these looks are true classics, yet the high waisted swimwear look has been on the rise lately. People know a strong trend when they see one, that’s why when you take a trip to the mall, you’re seeing more and more of the high waisted style on beaches everywhere. You can find these looks in JCPenneys, Target, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and even on Ebay! The prices range between $12.99-$39.99.

The key to this cut is in its ability to make everyone look great in it, that’s why it’s so popular with teens and adults. The high-waisted 1940's Beachwearlook is sometimes seen in coordinating colors. This style features the swimsuit bottoms usually in a solid color, against a more patterned top. This cut definitely is both eye catching and comfy. It looks great on everyone from curvy to slender, even athletic, or short to tall. Anyone can wear it. From Taylor Swift to Snookie this swimsuit style is all what the celebrities are wearing to the beach and their private pools. There’s no doubt about it, the high waisted look is back, and not a moment too soon. A true swimwear classic, what could be better?

~ Eva Rushing, Associate Editor

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