Essential Clothing Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Every woman has her own sense of fashion and style, but each one of us should also have a few basic pieces of clothing in her wardrobe. Whether you’re going to a job interview, or you need to look fierce for your conference meeting, or maybe you are going out on a date and you want to look classy but sexy, that’s what the basic pieces are all about. They are classic, but will make a huge statement as well.

White shirt


Whether you’re having a business meeting with a new client, or you need to go to a PTA meeting, a white shirt is an absolute must for any business/formal occasion. Not only should you wear it to important business events, but it can also be a great match for a pair of jeans and some stylish heels if you get a sudden call from your friends to go grab a drink or two after a long time. Just switch your pants or a skirt with a pair of denim jeans, and you’ll get a whole new look, yet equally trendy as the business one.



One of the most useful pieces of clothing is definitely a blazer. A black blazer is an absolute must, while a nude, a checked, light grey, and navy blue blazer should also become a part of your wardrobe eventually. The reason this clothing item is so versatile is precisely in that it can be a great finishing touch to a business outfit if you wear it with a matching skirt and a chic blouse. On the other hand, it can also act as a statement piece that will transform your casual outfit into a more classic to trendy look, should you decide to wear it over your white t-shirt and match it with a pair of jeans.



A nicely fitted pair of jeans is absolutely essential in everyone’s wardrobe, so if you still haven’t found your perfect pair, women’s jeans Mavi is the safest choice. They’ll offer you enough comfort while shaping your figure flawlessly as well. Before you go on a shopping spree for the jeans that have cuts, rips, or weird dyes, make sure you own at least two pair of classic pieces, because they never go out of style.

Nude heels


The one thing in your closet that goes absolutely with everything is a pair of nude heels. It’s simply a classic piece of footwear that you can wear if you want to go nude-on-nude, by putting on your favourite beige dress and a white blazer, or if you want to match it with a nude clutch to break down the black or red clothing combo. So versatile, yet so classic, a pair of nude heels is great for any occasion, whether you’re rushing to work and don’t know how to complete your outfit, or if you’re heading out to a dinner date.

Trench coat


When you need a perfect spring/fall transitional piece ‒ a trench coat is your go-to item. It’ll make any outfit sophisticated and chic, no matter the occasion. You can wear it with jeans and sneakers, with a dress and heels, pants and sandals, and even match them with your favourite rain boots.

Little black dress


A timeless and chic piece of clothing every woman must own is by far the little black dress. It will always be a piece of clothing that you casually throw on and immediately look fierce and sexy. A little black dress is suitable for cocktail parties, business events, weddings, birthday parties, and if it’s a jersey dress, you can even wear it with a pair of white sneakers while running your everyday errands.

From white shirts, through various blazers and to jeans and a little black dress, there are so many timeless pieces every woman should own and these were just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to add a dose of class and sophistication to your look, make sure you invest in these basic pieces, and you’ll always have a prepared outfit for any occasion.

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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