How to Dress in The Modern Pin Up Style

From Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner to Scarlet Johansson and Dita Von Teese, the pin up style managed to accentuate all the femininity and charm of these famous ladies, without risking creating too provocative looks. When it comes to wardrobe, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup, pin up fashion can be described as a fabulous mixture of Old Hollywood glamour, Rockabilly and Burlesque, allowing you to be classy, elegant and flirty without going overboard. If you wish to perfect your pin up style and dress like a sassy pin up girl, check out what we’ve got for you.

Hair and makeup


Pin up style is all about victory rolls and pin curls. While back in the day most of the girls achieved the curls by a permanent, today you can get the signature hairstyle even without the use of chemicals. All you need is to dab gel onto the root of a small section of damp hair, twirl the section around your finger until you reach the scalp. Pin the curl to your head after sliding the finger out of the hair. Repeat the process until you curl the entire hair, leave it to dry and remove the pins after to get the gorgeous curls. You can get the same effect with rollers and a curling iron.  When it comes to makeup, a bold red lipstick is one of the pin up style’s trademarks, along with nicely groomed bold eyebrows and a flawless complexion. Don’t forget a black eyeliner and make the wings out at the corner to get that well-known Cat Eye.



When dressing as a pin up girl you need to look for garments that’ll help you accentuate your figure and highlight every attractive detail on your body. A narrow waist and emphasized décolletage and hips is the look to strive for. Girls with an hourglass figure won’t have any trouble making these particular body parts stand out, while others will have to look for help in diverse wardrobe pieces. A fluffy skirt is the best piece of wardrobe to put on if you want to make your hips visually wider. Alternatively, if your hips are well-accentuated, go for a high-waisted pencil skirt and make your midsection pop. When it comes to colour, any shade from bright to pastel can be a good choice. However, try to focus your attention on blue, yellow, white, red and pink tones the most, and feel free to choose some of the trademark prints. Polka dots, checks, floral prints and animal prints will all make you look fabulous, whether you opt for a skirt or an A-line dress. Match a pair of trendy iron fist shoes with cuffed shorts and a blouse with a deep sweetheart neckline and top it all with a cropped cardigan for the sassy pin up ensemble. You can also opt for pants, but make sure they are narrow in the bottom and wide on top creating volume in the upper part.



Accessories are the best way to add some charm to any ensemble, and when it comes to pin up style, a small kerchief is the simplest detail that will accentuate your pin up look. In the summer, you can wear a wine-brimmed hat instead of a kerchief. A subtle silk scarf that you can tie around your head or throw over your shoulders, a pair of leather or textile gloves and a belt, are a must for any pin up girl’s look. Don’t forget about sunglasses with big frames that’ll go perfectly with your bandana and complete the entire look flawlessly.

As Edith Head once said: Your dress should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, and loose enough to show you’re a lady. That’s exactly what pin up style will help you achieve, while letting you enjoy all of your lady curves and allowing you to show them off with enough class and a bit of sass.

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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