How to Look Effortlessly Put-Together

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One of the most coveted looks in recent years is the ‘effortlessly striking’ look. However, just as we’ve learned from the numerous ‘no-makeup’ makeup tutorials, it ironically takes a great number of products to achieve the ‘bare fresh-faced’ look. The same goes for outfits, the largest number of people who walk by you on the street and wow you with that seemingly ‘just grabbed the first things I saw in my wardrobe’ style, actually put a great deal of effort into it. But how does one actually get the thing that is implied, even promised by the word ‘effortless’ itself? It’s actually simpler than you might have ever imagined, so stick with us and wake up every morning not worrying about your look, yet mastering the perfect look every single time.

Choose wisely

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One of the key guidelines of fashion minimalists is that they choose quality fabrics that a) age well and always look brand new, and b) don’t crease easily. The last thing a hectic morning needs is an ironing board and an iron waiting for you. This is why you need a preemptive strike – buy clothes with a potential for a long life and those that look good even right after you get them out from a stuffed drawer. Your foolproof go-tos are cashmere, wool, polyester, and lyocell as they’re more wrinkle resistant than cotton, rayon, and silk. These are great fabrics too, but they do require pampering, so choose your key and frequently in rotation pieces from the wrinkle-proof ones.

Key to success

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It’s like they heard our prayers and have come back in style to rescue our style. Of course, we’re talking about the return of the blazer. Not that blazers were ever outdated, but it’s good to have them back and surely better than ever. You can take your pick among a large variety of wide-shoulder, oversized, long, short, single-color or plaid blazers, the last one of which is definitely the winner this season. You can roll up the sleeves and leave it unbuttoned for a more casual look, or button it up for a sleek and professional one. The best thing about it is that it looks amazing with dresses, pencil skirts, silk bowtie blouses and regular tees and it can complete and pick up the dullest outfit you throw at it.

The savior

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Although a dress definitely is the simplest and most effective garment you can pull out of your closet, there are days that are just too breezy and casual for any dress, and you need something even more breezy to go with the vibe. This is where an amazing boho kaftan steps in. The vibrancy of the colors and prints elevates your look instantly, but the loose cut gives off a cool and carefree vibe. Plus, when you have something that makes this much of a chill yet vibrant statement, you don’t need anything else aside from a pair of flats or wedges – your call.

The chic alternative

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As amazing as that perfect pair of jeans that hug your body just right are, there are times when jeans just aren’t striking enough. You know, there are simply days when you can’t make a jean look work for you no matter how hard you try. The chic alternative, one that doesn’t only give you Mediterranean vibes, but also allows for plenty of movement are wide-leg pants and culottes. Mind that culottes work better with heels, but if you’re super tall, you can go with loafers or mules as well. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a classic white shirt. It will always work hard for you, and on some days, it will be like a prince on a white horse. Speaking of – a camel trench coat is another must-have staple.

The one that’s just right

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You don’t have to suffer in stilettos if you aren’t born to run in heels like Carrie Bradshaw. Very few women are. There are plenty of shoes which are incredibly stylish and aren’t as much hard work. After all, what is effortless about pain? Mid-heel ankle boots look fantastic on everyone, and if you want a bit of pizzazz, get an embroidered pair, just for that little extra something. Thanks to the athleisure trend, you can even rock as many sneakers as you want and still look chic. Aside from great footwear, you need a great bag to tie everything together. This is an investment, so don’t be afraid of spending a good deal of money on a great and versatile bag, even if it’s the only bag you own. A great bag speaks volumes of your sense of style.

Final touches

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Not all of us have the time or talent to do our hair every morning. Therefore, it is vital to master a few of the simplest hairstyles and make them your ten-minute go-tos. In the makeup department, it doesn’t take much to look like you’ve had a great night’s sleep. When you don’t have the time to experiment with eye shadow palettes and winged eyeliner looks, just go for the powerful three – brow, lash, lip. That’s all you need to frame the face and look more than presentable. Fill in the brows, put on two coats of mascara and your most flattering lip shade. Don’t be afraid of red – it picks everything up miraculously. And you’re done.

Claire Hastings, Associate Editor

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