Le Mustache…Here in a Flash!


So, I am really confused as to when the “Mustache” was ever in? I thought that mustaches were cool only in bad pornos; maybe I was wrong? This so-called mustache trend has suddenly started ‘growing in’ with well, everyone worldwide! It is time to open with welcome arms, this good old mustache motorcycle bars trend by none other than us girls! I feel like Paris Hilton started this cute but weird fashion trend, then followed by fashion blogger, Perez Hilton, and so on. Do I actually know who started this hairy upper lip fetish, NO; but somehow it got started and has trickled down to the masses.

Well, for now, it looks like the stache is here, but is using up it’s 15 minutes of fame fast.

What won’t they put a mustache on? I have seen it in fashion of course (t-shirts, rings, necklaces, nails, etc.) I have also witnessed it on mugs, glasses, magnets, and countless other material items.

I have a feeling that men and (women ;-)will start to let their fuzzies grow in because of this trend. The only way that a stache on a chick is cool is on shirt like below…don’t actually grow it in ladies!


~ Nikki, Fashion Editor


  1. I mustache you a question….haha this article totally set me up to ask that. In seriousnes though, I, too, have seen the mustache fad everywhere. I wish I was 13 again because I might actually rock it. Since I’m 25, I’d probably only wear a necklace with a mustache b/c I’m a wimp. lol

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