Most Popular Celebrity-Inspired Plastic Surgery Requests

Are you satisfied with the way you look? Apparently, not many people are and plastic surgeons all over the world are working hard to change that. Sometimes it’s the little things: nose deviation, slightly plumper lips, Botox injections and the like, but other times, it’s a bit more complex and a lot more specific. A great number of people want to look like celebrities or at want some of their traits: nose, eyes, lips, hips… Here are some of the most popular plastic surgery requests which surgeons get from their patients.

Megan Fox’s eyebrows

We have witnessed the world’s obsession with eyebrows: thin, thick, natural, penciled in, dyed, and plucked, eyebrows have always been the bomb. It’s surprising how the shape and size of person’s brows can change their face completely, and ladies pluck and draw in their eyebrows with much care. People even walk into surgeon’s office looking for new eyebrows, and the celebrity they turn to the most is Megan Fox and her beautifully shaped brows. People even go so far as to ask for hair from their scalp taken out an inserted into brow line in order to get the desired look.

Natalie Portman’s nose

It doesn’t matter that it’s rather easy to surgically change its shape and size, the nose is one of the most frustrating parts of a person’s facial anatomy. It’s either too big, too small, too pointy, or too crooked, and no matter how it looks, it drives people crazy. The size and shape of a person’s nose defines their face to a great degree, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that men and women alike have nose jobs. One of the most famous noses people want on their face is Natalie Portman’s (even though Duchess Kate Middleton’s nose is rising in popularity too).

Angelina Jolie’s lips

Thin lips make a face look weak and they give the person that mean look because the mouth always looks pinched. This is why many men and women do lip surgeries, and get lip implants or inject fillers to make their lips plump and big. Seeing as lips easily make or just as easily break the face, ladies want theirs to be fuller and plumper, and the celebrity they find inspiration in is, of course, Angelina Jolie (who, supposedly, had her lips reduced). Angie’s lips are wonderfully shaped, plump, and sexy, and they fit her face perfectly. Even the fact that her upper lip is thinner than the lower one isn’t a problem, but rather a plus, because they look more natural that way.

Kim Kardashian’s behind

Kim K’s butt is as famous as it gets, it’s even more famous than Jennifer Lopez’s behind which ruled the scene for decades. While Kim claims all that ‘junk in the trunk’ is real and 100% natural, not many girls can say the same. This is the reason why girls walk into surgeon’s office wanting their behind to look like Kim’s and they’re prepared to go through surgery to get it. Of course, it’s impossible to get that kind of butt overnight, so Aussie girls have a regime: strict diets, waist shapers, and liposuction Perth before they get their dream behind.

Not being completely happy with the way you look is nothing new and nothing bad; we all have our good and bad days. If you struggle to love yourself and have a problem accepting some of your traits, you can always choose to do something about it. The most important thing is to feel good about yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin, and plastic surgery is here to help you achieve that.

~ Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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