Sexy Little Wildflower

Flowers are hitting hard this season from shoes to bikinis. Whether they are floral prints or full blown flowered headpieces, flowers are a hot fashion trend that will be around for awhile; especially with summer heating up! There are so many beautiful prints to choose from in many different color schemes, like corals and purples or classic black and white. Floral prints can sometimes come off as a little intimidating for some, due to the overall busy look they have, but when worn correctly, there is no need to fear looking too over the top.

Here’s how to bloom into style effortlessly:

  1. Keep in mind while you may see these prints worn head to toe, less is always an option. Try starting off with something simple like a pair of floral heels, scarf, or small purse. This simple addition to your outfit can speak volumes. It exudes simplicity at its best with a fashion forward spin.
  2. Incorporate floral bling to your outfit. There are many choices out there as far as fashion jewelry when it comes to this trend. Floral statement necklaces, rings, or even studs are great options for adding a little garden flare to your look.
  3. Floral head pieces. I absolutely love these; they come in different colors and sizes so you can mix and match your look. This has a very hippie vibe to it, but this look can easily be spiced up when worn with the right outfit. For instance, pairing a flower headpiece with a chic blazer and shorts, while adding a beautiful hue to your lips can create a perfectly playful yet sexy look. Make sure you choose a color that complements your hair color, skin tone, and eyes to accentuate your beauty as a whole.
  4. Go for the bold floral look. If you’re the type of woman who’s not afraid to dive right into trends and take them to the next level, then go ahead and grab all those floral blazers, dresses, shorts, and bikinis. You’re bound to get heads turning with a floral on floral outfit. The best way to pull this off is to have the confidence to do it. These prints are made with a lot of colors and movement that allow you many options when it comes to matching shoes, bags, makeup, and jewelry.

A surprisingly popular floral accessory that’s become a must-have is a floral snap back. These hats have come along way from simply representing sports team logos. While many women have already been rocking snap backs, the fact that they are now available in these bold floral prints have opened doors for more women to be willing to wear them. These are naturally more feminine as they are easily able to be matched with an array of styles, such as rompers, dresses, and skirts, versus the traditional snap back that tends to work better with a more casual look like jeans and a t-shirt.

Get with the trend and become a walking wildflower by checking out these online retailers:

 ~ Monica Terry, Associate Editor

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