Style Secrets: Nine Items Which Always Save the Day

I have always loved dressing up; fashion has been my passion for as long as I can remember and there has been always at least one eye-catching piece in my outfit. If clothes were funny, edgy, bold, romantic – I had to have them. On the other hand, even though I was in love with every single piece in my closet(s), ever so often I would stand in the middle of the room thinking ‘oh God I have nothing to wear’. Slowly but steadily I learned the secrets of great style: certain items are always stylish and you need them in your wardrobe.

Life Saving Fashion Pieces

A Pea Coat


A traditional pea coat will never ever go out of style. Even though it is a bit of military-looking, it is incredibly warm, and I happen to like that it’s kind of unisex. I love my coats to be a bit longer than usual (usually pea coats reach your hips) and I pair them up with bright colourful scarves and trendy handbags.

A Pencil Skirt


Paint Your Style

It’s an incredibly useful piece which allows you to be elegant at work and look amazing if you decide to wear it for your night out. It emphasizes curves but it’s still formal and elegant, especially when combined with a white shirt and formal jacket.

Black Skinny Pants


Today, I am a Model of Duty

There is no way I will ever find a piece which is so easy to transform as a pair of plain black pants. A fierce look? Put on biker boots and a leather jacket. Going to a job interview? Wear an elegant blazer and a bun. A business meeting? Top them up with a silk blouse and pumps.

A Pair of Flats


When it’s really hot outside and your feet feel too swollen to wear pumps to work, a nice pair of flats will always save the day. I have a huge pile of flats with different prints and all kinds of sparkly details, but I realized that I mostly wear plain ones: black, beige, or white. Since I love a bit of extravagance, I love wearing lace flats or sequin ones.

A Plain White Tee


White is Eternal

A breathtakingly versatile piece which can be combined with pretty much anything. It goes perfectly with a mini skirt and high heels, but looks equally good tucked into wide stripped pants with a high waist.

A Little Black Dress


Black is the New Black

Let me be honest – nothing beats a good old little black dress! You can wear it with slip-on sneakers and a denim jacket when you’re meeting your friends for an afternoon coffee, but if you wear stilettos and bright red lipstick, you look like a real femme fatale.

A Trench Coat


A trench is perfect for those wet transitional periods when it’s not cold enough to wear a real coat, but not warm enough to leave your home without one. A real trench is waterproof, and you can choose to wear it belted or loose, depending on how cold it is. While they come in a variety of colours, I would say that a classic beige Burberry trench is a must-have.

An Elegant Dress


Dress to Impress

Since you can’t wear your LBD to every formal event, you need at least one of those really elegant lace dresses in your closet. The best thing about it is that you can find your perfect piece and have a perfect lace or satin one ready for a wedding, birthday, or formal dinner with coworkers.

A Perfect Pair of Jeans


These Jeans are Made for Slayin

No wardrobe will ever be complete without at least one pair of jeans. Find the one which fit your shape: boot cut or slim cut, and choose the colour carefully. Even though dark-wash denim makes you look slimmer, I like my denim light.

The bottom line is: I learned my lesson the hard way, after a lot of time and money has already been invested in my wardrobe. Luckily, today I know how to combine different styles and pull off interesting looks by combining plain and extravagant pieces. Don’t be afraid to experiment and improvise when it comes to fashion. After all, wearing plain clothes all the time would be boring, but if you add such pieces to your outfit, you will discover that you can pull off some really great looks.

~ Claire Hastings, Associate Editor

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