The Peplum Problem

Women come in all shapes and sizes. It is this diversity that makes us beautiful. A woman’s individual style and shape should be encouraged and celebrated. That being said, let’s have a conversation about peplums.

While there may be a fashion that surfaces that is flirty and cute on other people, we must always keep in mind what is flattering on our bodies. The peplum is an old fashion that is coming back with a vengeance. The design is simple, a small flounce of fabric stitched in a ruffle around the waist. The idea is that the extra fabric makes the illusion of a smaller waist.

This outfit can be found on

This outfit can be found on

While this may be true, it only works for women who do not have much in the way of hips or bust. A peplum is a tricky fashion. It must only be used if done correctly and carefully; when worn on the correct body type and crafted in the right way. Too often, peplums are put too high, encircling the ribcage and hiding the waist entirely, thus nullifying the very point. Or a peplum is layered over something that has a big pattern, bringing the eye automatically to the hips or thighs.

It cannot be stressed enough that the point of a peplum is to give an exaggerated hour glass figure. If all that is accomplished is making your hips look larger than there is no reason to wear it. Peplums can be successful, but only on petite women, to give the idea of curves. If you are a woman with an hour glass figure, if you have hips or a chest, that is wonderful celebrate your curves! Do not, however, go for a peplum. It will only add inches where you don’t need it, and in fact hide the beautiful body that so rightly deserves to be accentuated.

~ Chanae Houska, Associate Editor

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