Tips to Look Royal and Rocking in Red Fascinators

When you talk to or even look at a person, the first thing that attracts your eye is the personality of that person. It must make a statement. A personality of a person is not only a charming face but also includes the hairstyle or head gear. Wearing fascinators adds to that statement and makes you look royal and rocking. Whether it is a wedding or a race day, whether you are wearing white, black or red fascinators, you will need to make your ordinary and non-royal life create a better appeal with a little distraction. What better way can there be other than these fascinators?

Know a few facts

Fascinators are a classic appendage to your outfit and style. It makes your presence more elegant and appealing. You not only look beautiful in your outfit but with a fascinator added to it, you create a vintage effect in your fashion. Therefore, know about this beautiful accessory.

  • A fascinator is a formal headwear that is more commonly worn at weddings and other special events such as derbies.
  • Fascinators are also known as cocktail hats and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Whether it is white or red fascinators, these can be accessorized with almost all outfits.
  • With this trend, the art of making hats or millinery is back into fashion.
  • This headwear is suitable for all ages and can be worn for everyday use as well.

Fascination About Fascinators

You may tend to think what is so fascinating about these red fascinators or any other for that matter? Well, firstly these are absolutely an epitome of elegance and class. These are timeless additions to your dress and fashion quotient but for an anglophile there is more to it.

It is the century old tradition of British Royal Family and the elite, though it has become a super trend recently. In the recent times, the concept of designing of the fascinators has changed, and it is now more of a combination of hat and a fascinator. Wearing this, your head will never feel or look naked and you need no occasions to wear it.

The Etiquette of Wearing

Since red fascinators are related to royal outfits, it is not about when to wear a fascinator, but it is all about how to wear it. There is a specific dress code to consider along with the size, shape, and the way you pin it to your hair.

  • Dress code – Dress code plays a very important role. You must know what will go well with the outfit. Morning dress, evening gown or a ball gown, all should complement well with the fascinator you wear.
  • On or off – Keeping the red fascinators on or off from your hair does not really matter as long as it does not affect your hair-do.
  • Size and shape – Fascinators come in different shapes and sizes therefore whether you will wear a big one or a small one depends entirely on your choice, and of course on the type of event and its proceedings.
  • Wearing style – Whether you will wear the red fascinators tilted or straight is your choice. However, tilted fascinators must tilt to the right to prevent it from blocking the view by the man escorting on your left.
  • Straight or left tilt – If you wear it straight make sure your eyebrows are visible, and if it is very small then you may tilt it on the left side.

Carrying your fascinators with style, gives you a royal and elegant feel.

~ Alyssa Moylan, Associate Editor

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