Top 4 Fashion Trends of 2017

You might be asking yourself, “Now that 2016 is over, what are the trends of 2017?” Of course there are more than just four trends, but these are what I have been noticing so far this year. Okay, let’s get started!

  • High Waisted Jeans (aka “Mom Jeans”)

There have been so many different styles of jeans over the years and each style eventually gets recycled. Well, it’s time to recycle the high waisted jean! I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube where girls are specifically going to thrift stores and looking for the “mom jean” from the 1990’s. Who would have thought that the younger generation of girls in their teens, 20’s, and 30’s, would be bringing these back?

These jeans are coming back with a vengeance because they cover up the stomach. When the low-rise jean trend came out, girls with muffin tops would wear them, but shouldn’t have. Now girls who have a little extra padding on their waist can wear these high waisted jeans and be comfortable and look good with this trend. I have seen girls who are looking for the old mom jeans from Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s with the tapered leg. Remember the tapered leg was born before the straight leg? Well, girls are buying these mom jeans and distressing them with their own DIY’s and cutting the hem lines to make them more unique.

You can also buy “mom jeans” that are new from TopShop if you don’t feel like going to the thrift store for them.

  • Crop Tops

What is the perfect compliment to the mom jean? Crop tops of course! I’ve seen a lot of girls buying regular shirts and cutting them into crop tops themselves. As girls are getting creative with their DIY’s, this is another style they are creating. If you can’t find a short shirt, then make your own! Girls who have flat stomachs want to show them off without revealing too much skin. The crop top with the high waisted jean are the perfect pairing and once again, are bringing back that 90’s vibe.

If you do want to try cutting a top into a crop top, then I would definitely suggest going to a thrift store. This way, if you do screw up the shirt, it will probably have only cost you $2. This is a good way to experiment and stay on budget if your DIY does happen to go wrong. These crop tops aren’t just for short sleeves; I have seen girls cutting their long sleeve tops for a different look altogether.

  • Over-Sized Shirts

I have been seeing this over-sized trend in a couple of different ways. I have seen 3X sweatshirts and t-shirts on girls who wear size medium or small. They have been wearing over-sized t-shirts as a dress and wearing leggings underneath. I think for over-sized sweatshirts, it’s a comfort factor and I feel that this trend is allowing girls to not have to be perfect. I think that the bagginess of being imperfect is what girls are relating to more and more. I keep seeing girls not really care and I see a sort of sloppiness that is seemingly becoming more socially accepted.

When watching YouTube, girls are shopping at thrift stores in the men’s department for their over-sized shirts. I have seen them belting shirts to give them a figure. They wear short jackets over these long t-shirts for a high-low look. I really do feel like the 90’s has complete influence on the trends this year.

  • Jean Jackets

Last but not least…the jean jacket! Okay, this is a total classic that will ALWAYS be in style. What’s interesting is that I never thought once about buying a jean jacket…until I started watching a lot of YouTubers. These girls were saying how they were looking for their perfect jean jacket and found it. I started to have a change of opinion after watching all these girls turn obsessed over jean jackets. I started to question myself, as if I was missing out on something.

So, I went to my local thrift store to see just what the fuss was all about. I figured I would be more apt to buy a jean jacket if it was less than $7. I think I always had it in my head that jean jackets were uncomfortable. It was a stigma that I never bothered to shake until now. I went to my favorite thrift store, Savers, and tried on jackets in my size (Large). Well, large jean jackets didn’t fit and were uncomfortable. I was going to give up until I went to the XL section of jackets. I tried on two and they both fit and I bought them. My first jean jackets ever! I bought one for $6.00 (Old Navy) and the other for $4.50 (Sonoma brand from Kohl’s). If you’re not sure about a trend or don’t want to spend the money, then I 100% suggest shopping at thrift stores. You’ll fit right in and no one will ever know!


~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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