Wear Ladies Plus Size Tops with the Perfect Neckline the Right Way

For the plus size beauties, sometimes, it becomes difficult to handle a few things. For beginners, it is high time you should stop thinking that plus size ladies should not wear just anything. Anyone can wear any kind of clothing they want to. All you have to do is wear the right clothes, the right way.

Things to consider while choosing clothes for a plus size body


If you are willing to look amazing on that sexy curvy dress or your ladies plus size tops, there are a few things that you should consider. One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is to ignore the neck line. In the world of fashion, the neckline plays a huge role. Whether it is your evening dress, your partywear, t-shirt or even a simple summer dress, you must take a lot of things into consideration before you decide to buy any kind of clothing.

If you are buying ladies plus size tops keeping the neckline in mind, here are a few neckline ideas you can get –

1. The Asymmetrical Neckline: Everyone loves the asymmetrical necklines. They are chic, classy, fashionable and stylish. The one shoulder or asymmetrical neckline can help you grab eyeballs. This neckline brings the attention back from the rest of the body to the neck. So, while you are wearing any kinds of ladies plus size tops, do not forget to experiment with this neckline.

2. The Boat or Bateau Neckline: The boat or the Bateau neckline is quite popular among ladies. They are amazing for offsetting wide ladies plus size tops and it can help you create a beautiful and modern look that shows off a slim neck and beautiful shoulders. Women with larger belly or breasts should definitely opt for the boatneck ladies plus size tops as the neckline can actually draw attention.

3. Off shoulder or Bardot Necklines: The Bardot or off shoulder necklines are similar to the boat necklines. However, they are wider than the boat necks and basically sit right at the off shoulders. The off-shoulder ladies plus size tops are super chic, fashionable, stylish and versatile. And they look extremely classy. They look great on all body types – whether you are pear shaped, hourglass, apple or rectangle shaped body, the off shoulder will suit you no matter what.

4. Strapless or Bandeau neckline: Just like the off-shoulder necks, the strapless or bandeau neckline too suits all body types. They look great on all shapes and sizes; and if you are a plus size beauty, you should definitely try these out. However, if you have bigger bust, you have to ensure that you are wearing support around your bust area for safety. Supported undergarments will do the trick for you.

5. Round Neckline: Also known as the crew neckline, the round neckline is another great choice for women with a heavier body and a heavier bust. This neckline is high, collarless, closed, round and fits tightly on the base of your neckline. If you are looking for a classy touch and yet an elegant look on your ladies plus size tops, opt for the round neckline. Although it looks better on women with smaller bust, other body shapes and sizes’ women too can rock the neckline without any issues.

There is nothing wrong to try and wear any kind  of clothes that you like. You can simply wear any kind of clothes that you want. Just remember to add a twist to the way you dress and you will do just fine.

~ Emma Smith, Associate Editor

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