Ask Mike: Are Hats on Women Hot?

Have you ever wanted to know what guys think about women’s clothing?  Mike gives his expert opinion and answers your most burning questions!


As women, we think that men in hats are extremely hot, especially baseball caps.  Do guys necessarily find it attractive when women wear hats?


I am not sure if the assumption of all women thinking men look hot in a hat is accurate since the same reasons I’m about to explain will probably apply to men as well… Plus, I don’t think all women dig hats to begin with.

The question doesn’t specify what kind of hat, but the first ones that come to mind are baseball caps, “Fidel Castro” style military caps, and maybe something a bit fancier like a Fedora. While there are tons of hat styles to consider, I think I’ll stick to the more casual and cute ones for now.

When I first read this question, I envisioned a couple ex-girlfriends who wore hats from time to time for different reasons. The “Barbie” ex-girlfriend wore a baseball cap when she didn’t want to do her hair.  Even though she looked perfectly fine doing nothing to her hair, try telling her that, right? While the other was more of a tomboy who I absolutely mauled when she’d wear her “Castro” hat and pigtails or a pink baseball cap with her long, straight hair streaming down.

I think that most girls can pull off a baseball cap unless they have a wide face, very short hair or a very small head. I’ve always thought that wide face aspect makes a woman’s head look squeezed into the hat, short hair under a cap gives the impression of baldness and a small head simply looks like a kid who borrowed their father’s cap.

For those women who don’t suffer from these conditions, a baseball cap can be extremely adorable, but depending on the shape of their face will determine if the hair can be left to hang down or put into some kind of pony tail, braid or other dangling arrangement. If shoved up under the hat, I believe the “baldness” impression might appear, but sometimes if a woman leaves their hair hanging down, they might look “strange” if their hair isn’t straight. For example, if a woman had curly or otherwise “bigger” hair, this could lead to a Bozo, Inspector Gadget, or “Lion wearing a hat” effect, so I’d say straight hair is key when going without braids.

I personally love the “Fidel Castro” style military hat with pigtails as I find this irresistibly adorable and while baseball caps are cute as well, I do have to say that I believe I’m one of the few men who can appreciate a girl with straight hair wearing a classic “Derby” style hat. When looking more toward the fashionable side rather than cute, a woman in a Fedora with the right outfit can be incredibly attractive in a mysterious and seductive way.

In the end, I believe that most women can pull off any hat that works well with their features, but this always has to be complemented with an outfit to match like any other accessory such as a belt, shoes, or a handbag. I think most women would agree as they probably wouldn’t wear an evening dress with combat boots and a military cap, but then again I’d love to meet the woman who did… Yum.

~ Mike Manzo, Associate Editor


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