Ask Mathews: Do Men Love Cars More Than Their Women?

Ladies, have you ever questioned the love your man feels for you due to his seemingly unhealthy relationship with his car? Have you ever witnessed him talk to his little baby, nurturing it and keeping it in mint condition all year long? Do you ever get just a tiny bit jealous? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The truth is, men really do love their cars, or rather, they are in love with them. And there are numerous reasons why your man can act like his prized possession is the most important thing in the universe. The reasons are quite simple, so sit back and relax, because you are about to learn what makes a man love his car and why you can rest assured that you are still his number one.

Experiencing the freedom, living the adventure


Adventure is something almost every human being craves, male or female. Just as a woman finds her ways to escape reality and live out her adventures as much as possible, so does a man find his inner freedom by sitting behind the wheel and punching the throttle into the unknown. Or at least the grocery store, it doesn’t really matter.

For a man, the point is that his car is a gateway to a completely different world, a world where he is unburdened by common obstacles, a world where he is stress-free and at peace with himself. You might be wondering “can’t he experience that with me?” and the answer is yes, absolutely. But sometimes, a man simply needs his peace, you are still his girl, and no amount of chrome and leather can change that.

Beauty and symmetry


Men are attached to their four wheeled friends not only because of the raw power that’s underneath the hood (although that is one of the key elements) but also because of the sheer beauty that cars possess. It might be hard for you to see a car the way a man does, as much as it is difficult for a man to look at a beautiful dress the way you do. But the aesthetic attraction is there, and it is powerful.

Men nurture their cars


Men have a need to nurture, to take care of, and show the love and affection a car deserves. His car is an obvious choice – it’s easy to understand, easy to fix, easy to maintain, and it doesn’t talk back. Men like simplicity.

So, the next time you start feeling jealous, try helping him with his car maintenance instead. You will immediately find that there is nothing more attractive than a woman interested in a man’s car. Help him out, hold the flashlight, pass the tools, buy him car accessories for his birthday such as a fuel filter or Castrol oil, new brake pads or a bunch of spark plugs. You will be amazed at the results.

An easy relationship


As we’ve mentioned earlier, men love simplicity. And it doesn’t get much simpler than a dumb machine that comes with an owner’s manual. So rather than being jealous of his love towards his new toy, think of it as a buffer in your relationship, a simple novelty in your lives that can prevent many a fight, resolve any conflict, and allow your own loving relationship to prosper.

An inextricable part of him


Whether your man is in his twenties or fifties, it doesn’t matter, he will always try to recapture his youth and become the man of his dreams. Men identify with the sound, look, and feel of their cars. His car makes him feel powerful, wanted, it makes him feel like a man.

The moral here: the worst thing that can come out of their relationship is an oil stain in the driveway, but the best thing that can happen is that your man becomes the stallion you’ve always wanted him to be – all because of a simple machine whose appeal you don’t understand.

Ladies, it’s a good thing men love their cars as much as they do. Imagine what life would be like if they didn’t have something to help them vent? Still, no matter how much a man loves his car, that love fails in comparison to his love for you. Never forget that.

Mathews McGarry, Associate Editor


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