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I have short hair but I know that guys love women with long hair. Will a guy still find me attractive is my hair is at my chin or shorter?”


As with everything to do with your physical appearance, it is all about what you can pull off. Some women look good in nearly every hairstyle they dare to try, like the beautiful owner of this website; but others are limited to not only what works well with their facial structure, but even the fashion they wear.

First, let’s address that myth about all men love women with long hair… It’s not true, so get over it.

I know a lot of men who like it and prefer it, but when it comes to the list of items we look for, I don’t think that ranks very high unless they very specifically look for that sort of thing. If you think about the popular misconception that all men like big boobs and then interview enough men who generally go for the more “proportioned” woman, you’ll see a similar myth dispelled. When it comes to hairstyle, I think men usually care more that it is taken care of and some effort put into it, but also that it isn’t something out of style. Yes…we notice and we often do sit around and sound like a bunch of girls talking when we say “Did you see bla bla’s hair? Did she ever leave the 90’s?” which is a direct quote.

Take for example the Pixie cut which is one of my favorites and have it done by the same stylist on two different women. I’ve seen this look pulled off so well that I’ve grabbed the sides of their face, scrunched their cheeks and kissed them. I have also seen this where it looks like the girl might not like men very much and seem a bit too butch and it really is down to their facial structure and overall style. Perhaps the “butch” looking one could whittle away at that image by doing some makeup changes and fashion, but often the facial structure plays a key role here.

Take a well-known actress like Dana Delaney for example…We have seen her as far back as China Beach with a bit of a bob haircut going on. Then in later films like Exit to Eden, which as a Dana Delaney fan, I was waiting for all my life, she had the longer hair. In both cases, they accented her face quite well, but now put her in a really short cut for a second and tell me that doesn’t make you wonder if she’s either a “mom” with the “mom hair” that simply gave up or whether her girlfriend is as cute as she is… See what I mean? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider girls with short hair all lesbians or some stupid shit like that. I am merely giving examples based on someone famous and their particular facial structure and what my impression might be if asked.

With short hair, you also have to worry about what I think to be an issue regarding long facial structures and wide. Women with a longer face often look rather gaunt with short hair, but this doesn’t mean they have to sport a mane all their life either. Women with a wider face often look chunkier than they actually are because the whole surface area can be seen and hair can act as a bit of concealment. In both these cases, the woman should consult someone about this theory, but if they want short hair and are worried about how it will make them look, they might consider some of the styles that have come about in recent years where the front is often left longer and then tastefully tapered up toward the back (if this is a proper term)… As a guy I’d chose the word angled, but I think girls know what I’m referring to. This offers the convenience of short hair while allowing cool, new, and even quirky styles to be done without losing the long-hair face accentuating goodness.

Most men I know love bangs and I am one of them… Not like little kid haircuts or anything creepy like that, but something cute and fun.

Some men will joke and say that they like to use the long hair as a riding crop and while this is one of my personal favorite things to do, I can settle for a shoulder or hips… Ahem…um… Where was I now? Haha… However, when it comes to the long hair, where does it all go? Behind you and sometimes over the shoulders a bit… Men who aren’t pigs who first notice your boobs or your ass are going to notice your eyes and face. The right hairstyle that best suits YOU and makes YOU feel happy and confident will attract them first by the looks and the confidence will ensnare them.

Let’s face it… If you had a blonde Mohawk with a pink rat-tail and had one hell of a personality and confidence, it is extremely likely you’d be able to land any man you wanted. Remember, it is all about YOU and how YOU feel about yourself…

Throughout my articles I have maintained this stance because it is very, very important. Never do what a man wants or you think they want that might compromise who you are or your happiness… Ultimately, you’ll realize that this person isn’t worth your time and doesn’t want to love you for who you really are and might not care as much as he should for what makes you happy… It starts with the small things… Remember that.

My best advice would be to do what I did a long time ago before I became the object of ultimate sexual desire that I am now… *cough* bullshit *cough* :o)

Scan the Internet for hairstyles, but DON’T JUST LOOK AT THE HAIR… Get your facial structure memorized and then look at “like-faced” models… Then take what you have learned on your own and qualify the advice of a professional. This way you can steer clear of dumbass hackjob artists by arming yourself with information first… It’s your head and often $50 to $200 for a hair-do, so be wise and ultimately just be YOU.

~Mike Manzo, Associate Editor

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