Ask Peter: Baby Shower Gifts

Have you ever had a baby shower to go to and didn’t know what to gift? Many choices seem pretty obvious, although you want it to be appropriate and just right for the occasion. If you have a baby shower to go to, the next tips and tricks can help you get an idea about your gift. 

Create a diaper cake out of basic necessities

Even though it may sound like a simple gift, diapers, wet wipes and blankets are items that parents-to-be are always going to need. So, why not combine all of that into one big diaper cake. You can get little boxes of different sizes, place them in a pyramid and fill them with all these necessities. To make the gift even cuter, choose boxes that have storks or flowers on them depending on the gender of the baby, that is, if you know it. Some other things you can put in there are a pacifier, a baby bottle, a spoon, small toys and a food bowl. Another good idea is to get the parents a nicely decorated clay piece which they can use to make a handprint or footprint of their baby. It will be a nice memory, and something they will be able to save to show it to the baby once it gets older. 

Books and clothes for last minute shopping

If you are late with buying your gift or you don’t have any creative ideas, you can’t go wrong with books and clothes. They are always needed, and there are never enough clothes for babies. Your choice of book can be a nice collection of poems or fairytales that the parents can read to the baby. Just imagine how nice it would be if your book would be the baby’s first book. You can include a beautiful dedication on the first page and be sure that your gift will be amazing. Trendy baby clothes are, on the other hand, more practical and the best part is that you can’t go wrong with them. Even if you get a size up, the baby will be able to wear it when it grows older. Little blazers or pants for boys or floral dresses for girls, the fact is, you have a lot to choose from. To make the gift more interesting, you can get a shirt with a funny or emotional quote. A good idea is to buy a basic monochrome piece of clothing and print something on it yourself. Since certain items are a bigger expense for the parents, you can get the baby a ski suit for their first time in the snow or their first walking shoes. 

Share the cost of baby furniture with your friends

When deciding to buy furniture for the baby, you have to have in mind that it is going to cost you a bit more. This is why it is a good idea to share the cost with your friends. Another good tip is to ask the parents what they need. You won’t ruin the surprise, and it is best to check if they already have that item. Your big gift can include a car seat for the baby, a high chair, a baby monitor, a changing station, a crib or a swing. For an element of surprise, choose the design yourself or add a nice card with a photo. 

Let your artistic side go wild

If you have a hidden artist in you, or you know someone who does, you can ask them to decorate the baby’s room by painting a mural. It can be anything;  clouds, butterflies, whatever the parents want. If this is too big, a simple painting that will decorate the baby’s room is a great gift as well. It will complete it, make it more beautiful and be a nice memory for years to come. 

When buying a baby shower gift, make sure it is practical because that way, you will help the parents a lot. If you are missing a sentimental part of the gift and you want that, you can always go with a book, a card or painting.

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