Ask Peter: Fall Style Wardrobe Staples

Leaves are falling from the trees, everything is looking so brownish and gold, it’s raining and windy, and our shoes are muddy most of the time – yep, the fall is here, and it’s time to think of what to wear during this period of the year! From shiny leather jackets and trench coats to classic black boots, you should know what best items are perfect for this damp and dull time of the year. Here is a list of suggestions – read about eight staples to buy now and wear forever.


If there is a piece of clothing that holds the title of being the most versatile one, it’s the blazer! We can wear them for any casual occasion, but it’s also a great choice if we are having a job interview or a business dinner, so we opt for that serious look. If you don’t own a blazer in your closet, this has to be changed immediately! A suggestion is to try going for that slouchy look this year, since it’s actually trendy. A slouchier silhouette acts as a lightweight overcoat combined with simple jeans and a sweater.

Heavier-weight knit

A trusty chunky knit is something you must have for the cooler months of the year in case you don’t want to feel chilly and unpleasant most of the time. We can combine this piece with so many things –jeans, trousers, midi skirts, etc. And the most important thing is that you feel warm in it.

Transitional dress

A real lady should have a dress or two for each season in her closet. Even though fall is a chillier period of the year, there are great transitional dresses perfect for these several cool months. In order not to make a mistake, choose a fabric suitable for this season, so avoid anything tropical-like or too bright and light-colored.  

If you want to buy some remarkable items for the fall, you can check out Realisation clothing to find some nice-looking pieces you will feel good in. They have a marvelous collection of dresses, and they are made of pleasant and comfy materials.   

Midi skirts

Just like dresses, skirts should also be a part of your wardrobe even during the cooler months of the year. However, don’t wear the ones that are too short –choose midi or long ones and combine them with chunky sweaters or turtlenecks so that you feel warm.

Leather jacket

For some reason, leather jackets have that something that makes us look all cool and mysterious. They are definitely one of the fall staples and we can’t imagine going through this season without them. Even though people mostly choose black ones, you can get them in any color you like – brown, red, orange, etc. and still look trendy and stylish. Yet, it should be a color of the fall, so don’t lean towards colors like blue, green, white and so on. 

Black boots

Black boots are just classic, and they are perfect for this muddy period of the year, because they look the least messy compared to any other color. We can combine them with anything – jackets, coats, sweaters, jeans, skirts… There are no wrong moves whatever you do. It’s always a win!

Trench coat

Because of its classic sensibilities, a trench coat is an outerwear essential capable of withstanding the test of time. You can always go for a basic khaki style if you aren’t sure about the color. If you want to be more audacious, there are more extravagant options, like balloon sleeves and similar details.  


When we feel our neck is cold, that’s probably one of the worst sensations ever! This is the reason why we always need to have our closet full of turtlenecks for the fall and winter. This is also a classic piece that you can often wear in the fall and combine it with jeans, trousers, and boots – anything you feel like!

Sure, there are more staples we can mention, but let’s first check if you own all of these items, because they are must-haves for the fall. Without a good and quality leather jacket, warm chunky sweater, classic black boots and other things mentioned you are not really equipped for this windy season well.  

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