Ask Peter: How to make Your Goals Achievable in 2019

The New Year is well under way, and now is the time to set up new goals and plans to achieve success on the business and personal plains. While you might have already set up some New Year’s resolution at the end of 2019, you also need a concrete action plan complete with steps and timetables detailing how and when you are going to make your dreams a reality.

Whether you are devising new ways to increase your brand’s recognition in the competitive market, boost sales, attract prospective clients, or create a winning in-house team, you’ll need to follow several essential steps to make it all happen. Here is how to ensure you achieve your goals in 2019.

Review 2019 thoroughly

First things first, in order to plan your way into a successful year, you will first need to go through 2019 with a fine tooth comb in an attempt to find any weak links you can improve upon. This means pulling out all of the reports and going back quarter by quarter in analysing revenue, reach, impact, and various other crucial processes.

More likely than not, you’re going to find something you can definitely improve in 2019, plus a deeper insight into your past results will give you an opportunity to brainstorm completely new solutions you can start implementing immediately. Remember, it’s always a wise idea to start by reviewing your past decisions when planning your future.

Make sure your goals are SMART

Aside from the fact that your goals should really be smart, as in they should serve a concrete purpose, they should also be S (Specific), M (Measurable), A (Attainable), R (Realistic), and T (Timely). Your goals first need to be specific enough in order for you to be able to create a strategy that’s going to make them a reality.

They also need to be measurable, as in you want to measure and track your progress in order to adapt and optimize your strategy along the way in order to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. The goal needs to be attainable, and it also needs to be realistic – can You achieve this goal and is the sacrifice worth the reward? Finally, you need a realistic time frame. This will help you stay on track and push harder towards realising your goals quickly.

Plan your way to the top

When it comes to achieving your business and personal goals, planning is everything. From the concrete strategy, to the detailed tactics, and all the way to the tiniest of daily tasks that will lead you down the path of success, you want to have it all clearly laid out before you.

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Make it detailed and concrete

One of the biggest mistakes people make that prevents them from hitting the bullseye is the lack of detailed planning and concrete strategizing. Too often do people settle for vague plans, broad terms, and ineffective task delegation that will ultimately result in subpar results or even a complete miss.

This is why you want to make your plan as detailed as possible. Start by determining your end goal, and divide it into smaller, mid-term and short-term attainable goals that will help you create the desired results. These smaller goals should have their unique tactics that make them easily achievable. Be sure to divide these tactics into concrete tasks.

Be grateful and stay humble

Finally, if you want to keep your spirits up during this process and keep your eyes on that prize twinkling in the distance, you’ll need to learn how to be grateful for the things you have achieved so far. By shaping your mindset to be proud of your achievements but remain humble in your pursuit of success, you will find it easier to persevere and rise from the never-ending adversity in the modern business world. Remember, motivation will be equally important as your concrete plans.

2019 is finally here, and the time is now to work hard towards achieving a new set of goals that will take your business to new heights. Be sure to follow these essential steps and you will have no problem making 2019 the most successful year so far.

Peter Minkoff, Associate Editor

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