Ask Peter: Massage Therapy

massage therapy
You know me – give me a pair of all-black-anything, and I’ll turn into an instant, hot trend. But, give me a massage – and I’ll love you forever.

To people like us, who are in a constant rush for achievement and always dedicated to the end product being fabulous and in time (not to mention all the traveling around for shows and runways), working hard comes naturally. Unfortunately, mental and physical stress, anxiety and tension are a very expected part of the being successful equation, and the sooner you get used to it, the easier it will be. No wonder you can’t be bothered with your acquaintance’s babbling for longer than ten minutes!

However, managing stress, pain and pressure doesn’t have to be a worrisome activity or a gradual chronic dissatisfaction; rather, it should be a reminder to put yourself first – even when you are pressed for time.

While some people find solace in prescription medicine, I enjoy acupuncture, physical therapy, yoga and – my top favorite – massage. The right masseuse will know exactly what to do in order to turn your distressed mind, body, and spirit into a healthy whole without making a big deal of it.

Taking a massage each week shouldn’t be observed as an indulgence or lack of strength; rather, it’s a smart investment in your productivity, your full creative expression and sustained good health. In just an hour, the pain of a failed collection or hours on a plane goes away, and you don’t even have to be lying down on a table, wrapped in herbs like a salmon fillet (not that being wrapped in healing bandages isn’t enjoyable from time to time).

massage therapy
A  skillfully done massage will help spasm and cramping reduction, it’ll increase joint
flexibility, reduce scaring, release endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers and mood enhancers, relieve migraines, enhance movement and reduce lower back pain. And, guess what? It can also support weight loss and even battle the symptoms of depression. Love it!

Based in glorious Australia (don’t we have the best climate in the world?), but with my passport in hand 365 days a year, I get to fly around very often, so I can’t be tied down to just one physical therapist or a salon (although, I do have my favs). This gives me the opportunity to experience new things and try various treatments and techniques done by trained professionals and experts in the field. On a recent trip to Bondi Beach, where I was asked to come and personally give my blessings to a few celebrity appearance outfits, I’ve discovered an amazing clinic with fabulous face and body treatments. I was blown away by the ambiance and overall vibe of Face Plus, and only later did I discover this one is one of Australia’s most in-demand clinics loved by basically everyone. The selection of offers is fabulous, so choosing just one treatment (especially when there’s very little time ‘cos you’ve got to be somewhere in a few hours) is hard! Still, well advised, the energy revival massage in Bondi Beach I’ve undergone was absolute heaven and it’s prolonged my life for at least five years, no joke!

A massage, pardon – a well-done massage, is everything. Not only does it get you into a fully-relaxed mode with your normally-tense muscles turning into jelly, but it helps you step into a zen-like meditative state, helping positive, affirmative feelings of self-care and happiness overtake the usually stressed and overwhelmed mind. On top of that, a massage releases endorphins (your body’s natural feel-good hormone), which contributes to a person successfully distancing themselves from any tangled emotional baggage or an ongoing situation, thus giving them the mental distance to “solve” the problem. Gorgeous.

Dolls, you know what to do – lie on that table, and let the process heel you (at least once a week)!

~ Peter Minkoff, Associate Editor

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