Ask Peter:The Ultimate Gift Guide for Fashionistas

You’d assume that getting the dreamiest wearable gift for your fashion-loving friends would be a breeze, right? Well, let’s say that it’s far from a simple task. First there’s the question of how well you know their personal style and preferences, what really resonates with their personality, and secondly, you need to make sure that the item you’re getting them isn’t already hiding in the depths of their wardrobe! A devoted fashionista will likely know the latest fashion trends well before you do, and if you feel the same passion towards trends, then you might stand a chance!

So, let’s get practical. All of these obstacles won’t disappear on their own! You can use the following guide to make sure that your gift will make your fashion-obsessed gal fall madly in love with her new favorite possession. Here’s how you can pull that off.

An absolute winner tote

Yes, I know, she already has one. Or three. However, a stylish tote that carries the signature name of a brand and the latest collection of her favorite designer is a piece worth investing in, and a perfect present. First of all, you need to opt for a tote that she doesn’t already own, such as the lilac Marni, or a perky red Valentino. They are multifunctional, easy to carry around, and not to mention easy on the eyes.

If she already owns the classics, some of the more recent collections include textured totes, color clashed items, and the quirky Balenciaga that always packs a stylish punch. All in all, a tote is always a good choice if you know which one will complete her already stunning collection!

Make it personal

Nowadays, clean white sneakers, clean black tights, and classic Ray-Ban shades are only complete with a garment that screams personality. No matter how stylish athleisure gets, fashion has always been and always will be about expressing yourself, making a statement, and announcing your beliefs. Enter: the trend of wearing personalised clothing especially combined with simple, straightforward pieces. That way, your message will be even louder!

So, if you know your fashionista that well, how about a custom printed hoodie or a pair of personalized booties with her initials? Now that’s something sure to impress her style-loving self.

The ultimate pair of shades

With spring and summer in the air already, you know your favorite trendy gal will want to prevent those fine lines around her eyes, but also boast a confident look that matches her fashion preferences. Sure, we’ve already mentioned the famous Ray-Bans and the fact is that they will always remain a staple of fashion for ladies in leather jackets and pantsuits alike.

But how about something bold and something fresh? Angles are very big this season, and you’ll find a wide range of geometry-inspired shades that might just bring even more focus to her already spotless look. Whether you go with completely round, or even those cat eye frames, you can take it a step further and dip them into a new color, too, such as pink, or textured tortoise shell.

Something to ponder over

History, social movements, political movements, justice, beauty, intrigue – fashion has it all. When wrapped in seamless storytelling, a fashion-inspired book can be just the thing your friend needs to unwind and expand her knowledge of the realm she is so fond of. In addition to stories, fashion books abound in rich photography to serve as an amazing source of inspiration.

If you know her bookshelf as well as you know her wardrobe, this might just be the ideal present for her. It will be a source of learning as well as empowerment, and it will spark many a debate over who’s the best designer or model in the industry, and whose trends will survive over the decades to come. Get her a coffee mug together with the book, and the bliss will be complete!

There’s no such thing as too many earrings!

A little can go a long way in making a statement, especially when that little refers to a woman’s jewelry collection. Meant to be details and additions, our favorite baubles have now become focal points of an outfit, and they serve to send a message as loud as clear as a pair of stilettos or a bold red winter coat.

Although diamonds and pearls remain the go-to for the haute chicas, you’ll find that sterling silver and a combo of black and gold can deliver the same effect, if not even a greater one. Just make sure they are in line with her look, so take your time when choosing the perfect pair!

As challenging as this task may be, you can use these tips to select that dreamy present for your fashionista no matter the occasion – and she might just let you try out that tote yourself!

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