Couture on a Dime: Chanel Knock-Off Purse

I am a BIG fan of bargain shopping! I am a BIGGER fan of bargain shopping for name brand, designer labels. I am lucky that I happen to live in a town with one of the world’s 3rd largest malls. Due to this fact, I am also very fortunate that women decide they want newer versions of what they own, deciding to donate their last season(s) items.

I am surrounded by some of greatest thrift stores/second hand gently used name brand fashion stores around!

  • Savers Thrift Superstore
  • Wings Resale Store
  • Plato’s Closet
  • Clothes Mentor
  • Style Encore
  • Goodwill

I happened to stop in at Wings Resale Store. The store’s mission is to provide housing, integrated service, education, and advocacy to end domestic violence for women. They have items of all sorts including purses, clothes, furniture, accessories, toys, etc.

I rummaged through their purses and found a Knock-Off purse, but a gem to me! I bought a “fake” Chanel Purse for $4.00. To be exact, the name of the knock-off purse is (Chanel Quilted Leather Cc Logo Cambon Line Shoulder Bag). The REAL purse brand new costs roughly $743.00 at Tradesy.

You can also Buy Chanel Purses on Ebay and Amazon (see below).

For someone who is unaware of knock-offs, the reality check when they find out their amazing deal of a lifetime is fake (like finding out the Tooth Fairy or Santa isn’t real), can be hard, but a learning lesson for sure in knowing sometimes if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Here is the knock-off bag I bought (gently used). It has a light scuff on one of the “C’s” and inside has a tear in the lining. But to me, who cares! I just scored the buy of the century. It looks like the real deal to others and the fact that it is not, is totally fine by me! I get to look like I spent a million bucks, for less than $5.

"Chanel" Quilted Leather Cc Logo Cambon Line Shoulder Bag

Here is the REAL purse (if bought used from Tradesy)

Real Chanel Purse

How to spot a FAKE Knock-off Chanel Purse

A great question is…if you are not familiar with knock-offs, how can you tell a fake from the real thing? There are major differences in a Chanel bag. Here are a couple and you’ll notice the differences if you look at both the pictures by compare and contrasting them to one another.

  • If the right “C” on the bag overlaps the left “C” it is REAL. If vice versa, it’s a fake.
  • The REAL bag has a pink lining in it, versus the black lining in the fake.
  • The inside label will say made in France. My fake indicates Paris.
  • The knots on the straps of the real bag are higher up, with a large loop. The fake’s knots are close to the bottom and the loop in them is small.
  • The REAL purse has a back pocket, as the fake does not.

Fore more details in how to spot a fake vs. a real Chanel purse, read more here.

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