Expensive Clothes Go Cheap by Collaborating with Retail Stores

Fashion will always be around no matter if you like it or not. Whether it be dressing for work, out on the town, or even a special dinner: Fashion is Important! Although fashion is liked by many, designer labels are hard to afford; especially when prices can range from $40-$10,000. The clothes that are pricier and surprisingly liked by more people are the designer pieces. Now, Target and other retail stores have collaborated with designers and high-end stores to make fashion still chic, but affordable for all.

Designer pieces are usually made with more luxurious fabrics (not just cotton) and imported from foreign cities like Paris and Milan. It’s hard to think frugally when one walks into a luxurious store like Burberry or Louis Vuitton. It’s a balancing act between not breaking one’s bank yet still being able to buy a shirt with an amazing pattern.

In 2002-2008 Target collaborated with designer Isaac Mizrahi which was launched and successfully called “one of the best collaborations,” according to Fashionista.com. Mizrahi by Target was a great example of high-end designs put into modern lifestyle.

Isaac Mizrahi shows off items from his Isaac Mizrahi for Tar

Even for myself, I sometimes find collaborations to be hideous or even cheap because of the budget each designer has, but every time a collection comes out, I get blown away. Not only does Target collaborate with designers but so does H&M, JCPenney, and many more retail stores.

I know it’s hard not to think that buying clothes from Target is “so not chic,” but the collaborations are impeccable that make me want more, even if that means heading to Target’s clothing section to shop…in public. Target may have clothes that are not the best quality, but when it comes to collaborations they make sure the designer’s budget is filled completely and the fabrics aren’t in anyway “cheap.”

H&M has also partnered with very important people in the fashion industry like Anna Dello Russo, Editor In Chief of Vogue Japan, Karl Lagerfeld (creative director of fashion house Chanel) and recently Martin Margiela, which was beyond perfect with its avant-garde designs.

Although recent collaborator with Target, Neiman Marcus, was a disappointment over the holidays, Target is setting a new high standard for itself and collaborating with one of the most influential designers in modern day: Prabal Gurung.

prabal-gurung-for-target Listening to him talk in October, in New York City, I could definitely tell by the way he was speaking that he loves to satisfy his customers and is excited to launch his collaboration with Target in February which will be called “Prabal Gurung x Target.”

Boston.com has the full lookbook at their fingertips and I can already tell many of the fashionistas are going to love Prabal’s designs with Target which will be ranging in price from $19.99 to $199.99.

So,If you’re looking to buy designer pieces, like Prabal Gurung’s this month, don’t be afraid to step foot in a retail store that is collaborating with a designer. Definitely a win/win situation; you get a chic piece or pieces from your favorite designer and completely feel good that you didn’t have to empty out your bank account, now that’s what you call “a big bang for your buck.”

~ Alex Mariscal, Associate Editor

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