Knock-Off Perfumes: Worth it or Not?

untitledI have to say that I am a big fan of knock-off perfumes. I myself, would never spend $80 on a bottle, unless I rubbed it and a genie popped out and gave me my money back. It to me, is just scented water that is made so cheaply and sold for such a high cost. For someone who is always on a budget, I find it a nice treat for myself and will pick up bottles here and there at various stores.

It just cracks me up with the names that they come up with for these ‘imposters.’ I bought a knock-off of Calvin Klein’s CK One for $8.00 at Walmart called “You/U.” It smells so good and a man or woman could wear it. I also bought a knock-off recently of Aqua Di Gio for $5.00 at Discovery Clothing Store called ‘Aqua Giovanna.’ It is very clean smelling and crisp. I must have spent about a half hour just smelling all of the store’s knock-off perfumes.


One of the drawbacks to saving some cash is that the scent needs to be sprayed on a couple of times a day, as it tends to fade more quickly. If you smell your arm, you’ll smell the scent, but if someone just walks by, then they will not. So, how do you know that these perfumes are fakes? The packaging will say, “Inspired by, Our Impression of, and Designer Imposters.”

I would have to say my funniest story with knock-off perfume was for my mom’s birthday. I went to a store called 5 Below and they had Vera Wang’s Princess as a fake. So, I thought, “What the hell, it’s only 5 bucks anyway.” So, my mom unwraps the gift and is so excited when she sees it. She yells, “OMG you bought me Vera Wang! ” I felt so horrible in that instant and like the biggest cheapskate on the planet, when I had to tell her it was a fake. “Happy Birthday?” “Don’t worry, YOUR perfume was ‘inspired by’ the real thing…does that count for anything? Our family ended up getting a big laugh out of it and we were crying because it was so funny and I was so cheap. On top of the bad perfume choice, the pajamas I bought her, never ended up fitting. So, all in all, uh…spend some money on your parents if it is a special occasion and only be cheap on yourself :oops:

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor


  1. LOL! That is quite a funny story! Hey….it’s the thought that counts 🙂

    I don’t buy myself perfume because of the fact they are so expensive. Heck, I can pay the minimum payments on two credit cards for the cost of 1 bottle of DOT by Marc Jacobs. So what I do is a request them on my birthday and/or Christmas. For the past couple of years, that is how I got my DKNY Be Delicious and Versace Yellow Diamond parfumes.

    I’m sad to say that I no longer have any product left of DKNY Be Delicious but I kept the bottle because it is so cute. I use the Versace one sparingly because it’s the biggest bottle available of that scent so I’m assuming it cost a boat load for my boyfriend.

    In regards to the knock-off perfumes, I just never liked the scents…I could tell they were not the ‘original’ scents and thus smelled cheap to me. My boyfriend had a couple bottles of these cologne; one he still has is called Aramis/Our version of aramis. I have bought him designer brand of cologne for his birthdays in the past years mainly because I know he would never by them for himself due to the price. I also have bought perfume for my Mom (Marc Jacobs Lola and Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy) for Christmases past.

    In conclusion, I guess as long as the knock-off doesn’t smell cheap, I don’t see anything wrong with them but I prefer the real stuff.

  2. Love the article. I hardly ever buy perfume because of the price. Normally it has to be waaaaay on sale for me to buy it myself. Yes I am cheap lol, I will even go get samples of the big named ones from Sephora and those last me forever.

    I would have to agree with Karla on if I would buy the knockoffs as long as they smelled like the real thing and for the right price :mrgreen:

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