Saving Has Never Been So Fabulous!

We all love to save money, but it is so hard to stay frugal when we are building our wardrobe. Thrift stores are amazing because we can find designer brands for cheap. The only problem is, who has the time to shop anymore? We all lead busy lives; school, work, projects, and deadlines. I find the only time I have is the precious few minutes in front of a screen just before bedtime. This leaves little or no time in the day to physically shop for clothes, let alone hunt for a bargain.

Well, fear not! There is a wonderful little site called Vinted is an online thrift store; people upload pictures of the items they have for sale. Noting the designer, price, size, and in what condition the clothing is. The site is constantly updated; new stock is uploaded every minute. All of the pieces are discounted quite a bit because they were previously owned. Most of the women are willing to negotiate a price. The customer can comment on the items they like and even compile a catalogue of all their favorite items.

This website also comes as an application that you can download on your phone. This is quite convenient, as it will notify you the second an item you are watching goes on sale. Plus you can shop at work and no one will know!

~ Chanae Houska, Associate Editor

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