X-Mas Trash = New Year’s Treasure

Ok, so 2010 has officially ended and the holidays are over! This is the perfect time to ransack those stores whose holiday gifts, apparel, makeup, etc. are on sale. What better way to save a buck and be thrifty, then to dive straight first into bargainworld. Yep, you may know that these items are on clearance from X-Mas, but others don’t! For example, I just picked up the cutest hair bow (Nightmare Before Christmas) at Hot Topic, that was originally $10. I ended up paying $2.50 because it was 50% off of an original 50% off price.

This is not me, but it is the exact bow I bought. The funny thing is that I was going to pay full price but something told me not to. Thank God I waited, because I saved like 80% because I was a thrifty shopper. See, the thing with sale items is that you have to wait. That my friend, is probably the hardest thing to do, especially if you really want the product. Now let me remind you; waiting is not always fool-proof. You can wait, but by the time it goes on sale, the store may only have a few left with limited quantity and someone may get there before you can.

  • I also went to Claire’s and got bows that were red and green. Sure, they look holiday-ish because you know those colors signifiy X-Mas. But, when you wear them alone in May or July, they are once again just solid color bows. Remember, you can wear a green or red bow with any t-shirt and show off your trendy look (you secretly know the truth- so why ruin a good thing?)

So when should you ever pay full price for something? Well, I would suggest that you’d have to have it if…

  •  It is a one-of-a-kind piece
  •  There are limited sizes and you know that your size won’t be there if you wait
  •  If you need it for an event now!
  •  If it is the right time/right place (on vacation- not going back anytime soon)

If you heed my advice and shop holiday sales, then you will be saving more then you’ll be spending. Happy shopping :razz:

~ Nikki, Editor


  1. Great tips, Nicole!

    You are correct – it is definately hard to wait for something you want. May I also suggest that if you really want an item, search for a coupon online! There is bound to be some sort of a percent or dollar off coupon.

    Also, try shopping the semi annual sales some stores have. Last week, I went to Victoria’s Secret and bought a rollar ball Pink fragrance for $2.50! I purchased one offline a couple weeks prior and paid $6.99. If I had waited, I would have saved $4.49.

    To me, find the best deals and sales is a rush! It’s kind of like a game too. I rarely pay full price for anything relating to fashion! 😀

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