The Making of a Dream: Holding an Old-Fashioned Wedding in a Modern Age

Every woman dreams about two things: finding the perfect guy and having a perfect wedding. While we can’t help you with finding the right guy (sorry, ladies!), we can give you some ideas on how to make that special day even more memorable – by blending the old with the modern into a fusion of […]

Gorgeous Wedding Gown Trends for Brides-to-Be in 2018

The time for your big day is getting closer. Of course, there are plenty of things to take care of for your wedding prep in order to organize your dream wedding. And sometimes, it’s difficult to avoid the stress of it all. This is why your search for the perfect wedding gown should be everything […]

How to Look Effortlessly Put-Together

One of the most coveted looks in recent years is the ‘effortlessly striking’ look. However, just as we’ve learned from the numerous ‘no-makeup’ makeup tutorials, it ironically takes a great number of products to achieve the ‘bare fresh-faced’ look. The same goes for outfits, the largest number of people who walk by you on the […]

The Millennial Gift Guide for Any Occasion

Millennials are a picky crowd, one that is tough to please, and that’s not bad at all. On the contrary, it only helps usher in a new era in which we actually put some thought into gifts. Soon enough, the days of receiving crappy gifts and having to say “It’s great” in that squeaky, fake […]