It Fashion Trends for 2018

Now that we’ve said farewell to the previous year, survived the holidays, ate as much as we could and then bought a gym membership to make all those extra pounds go away, it’s time to embrace the new fashion season and the preparations for the new trendy styles that we are about to see daily […]

Most Popular Celebrity-Inspired Plastic Surgery Requests

Are you satisfied with the way you look? Apparently, not many people are and plastic surgeons all over the world are working hard to change that. Sometimes it’s the little things: nose deviation, slightly plumper lips, Botox injections and the like, but other times, it’s a bit more complex and a lot more specific. A […]

5 Reasons Why Mules and Slides are the IT Shoes

Well, summer has been really fun, and we got to see a lot of fantastic fashion, both on the runway and on celebrities. Everyone seems to be really sad about the fact that the sunny days are going away, but a real fashionista knows that fall is when things get interesting in fashion. The most […]

Upcoming Fall Beauty and Fashion Trends

The end of summer is nearing and it was about time you retired your swimsuits and kaftans. Don’t worry, though, fall outfits are just as impressive and inspiring as the summer ones, because they give you the chance to play with layers, colors and styles. This season will be no less interesting than the fall […]

Top 4 Fashion Trends of 2017

You might be asking yourself, “Now that 2016 is over, what are the trends of 2017?” Of course there are more than just four trends, but these are what I have been noticing so far this year. Okay, let’s get started! High Waisted Jeans (aka “Mom Jeans”) There have been so many different styles of jeans […]

Style Secrets: Nine Items Which Always Save the Day

I have always loved dressing up; fashion has been my passion for as long as I can remember and there has been always at least one eye-catching piece in my outfit. If clothes were funny, edgy, bold, romantic – I had to have them. On the other hand, even though I was in love with […]