Kohl’s Designer Fashions for Less

Did you know that Kohl’s department stores are now offering famous celebrity designer names? Wouldn’t have guessed it right? Kohl’s is now the new mecca for affordable and stylish fashions, with a name brand tag. It seems to me as though this store seems to do very well among the teenagers shopping in their Junior’s department. The […]

Always Score a Deal When Shopping Online!

Millions of people do it. Everyone has a favorite place to do it. What is it? Shopping Online! There are many reasons why people prefer to buy things through their computers versus traditional brick-and-mortar stores. One of them being able to buy whatever you want whenever you want! Forget remembering when stores close because online, […]

X-Mas Trash = New Year’s Treasure

Ok, so 2010 has officially ended and the holidays are over! This is the perfect time to ransack those stores whose holiday gifts, apparel, makeup, etc. are on sale. What better way to save a buck and be thrifty, then to dive straight first into bargainworld. Yep, you may know that these items are on […]

Pillowcase Fashion

We all know you sleep on pillowcases, but have you ever thought of wearing them? I am sure you have just about a dozen or more pillowcases tossed in your linen closet right? And are they just sitting there or are you actually using them? Turn your unused cases into wearable skirts and dresses made by […]

Ways to Save Money at Your Favorite Store

Now that you know how to save when you shop online from my previous post (Online Shopping Tips), here are some ways to save at your favorite store. No one should be paying retail prices, so follow my tips to save your green! Sign-up for the store’s free rewards program.  I sign up for almost every […]

Online Shopping Tips

A great way to save money is by finding smart online shopping tips! Some articles I have skimmed through have said that the economy is coming back.  I don’t know how true that is, but what I do know is that this terrible economy has forced shoppers to value their money more. There have been […]