Avant-Garde Fashion: Body Paint Couture

Painting truly is an art indeed. Taking a blank canvas and creating inspiring pieces is innovative. But, how about painting a naked canvas? The art of bodypainting is very popular these days. Many artists feel that their work comes “alive.” Who are the designers? International body paint artists, Mark Reid and Pashur. Why do the […]

Avant-Garde Fashion: Condom Couture

Condom Couture Designers are always thinking of new materials for clothing to enhance their designs. But, how about clothing made from condoms? No, not used! Many of the condoms used to create designs are made from quality tested, rejected condoms that may have defects. Why throw them away when we can recycle them! I wanted […]

Avant-Garde Fashion: Balloon Couture

Avant-garde fashion has taken a major “twist” when it comes to designing balloon fashions. Balloons are not only great for parties, weddings, and water fights, but they serve an entirely new purpose. Fashionable balloon dresses and outfits are “popping” up in unusual places. Who are the designers? I asked this question and found the answer. […]

Recycling Gone Wrong?

Lady Gaga’s ‘fame monster’ creation is big on recycling fashion designer’s big couture moments of fashion. She even recycles her own moment on the runway for Gareth Pugh  in Spring 2007. Recycling on this level shows that if it was good before, she’ll revisit it and still be over the top. Unfortunately, lately she is […]

Jean Paul Gaultier Collaborates with La Perla

His exclusive 23-piece collection for La Perla not only includes several variations on the “rocket cone” corsetry, in pale ‘boudoir pink’ and jet-black, originally designed for Madonna’s ‘Blonde Ambition’ world tour of 1990, but an entire wardrobe of seductive and suggestive designs. Each one “a celebration of the female body” – and each one, as […]

Fashion Inspired by Art or Art Inspiring Fashion?

Lately, I’m not sure if couture imitates Lady Gaga or is inspired by the late Alexander McQueen? From the looks of the pastel heart shaped hairdos at Chanel to the lampshade lace ensembles at Givenchy, the new lines of fashion seemed to be heavily inspired by the iconic fashion designer and his daring sense of […]