How to Look Great at the Gym

Going to the gym regularly and staying fit is a great way to be healthy and feel good. However, just because you spend your time breaking a sweat, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good while you’re working those biceps. You never know when you will meet someone, so you shouldn’t risk looking ridiculous in […]

Dos and Don’ts: Travel Across Australia on a Motorbike

What seems to be an adventure of a lifetime slowly approaches: my boyfriend and I have decided to travel across Australia on his motorbike. After the initial enthusiasm, I started asking myself whether I’m insane for agreeing to do it. To be perfectly honest, I am a fashionista and somewhat a makeup addict, and I […]

How To Start a Fashion & Beauty Channel on YouTube

It has been a little while since I have posted, but I was working on my YouTube channel for Nikki’s Fashion Diary. So, I apologize for my short absence as I prepared my channel for you. I got super inspired to take my creativity to the next level, YouTube. I clearly love writing about fashion, […]

Ways to Helps with Your Weight Loss Goals

I have been embarking on a weight loss journey for the better part of the past year. Some days are better than others, but by utilizing the tips below, I have seen success. Not only have I lost the desired weight, but I feel better overall. Go Ahead, Post that Workout Selfie! Feel free to […]