Hello Kitty…Eye See You!

It seems that Hello Kitty is not only dominating the toy world, but is now an eye catching trend. I thought that the cooky Halloween contacts were pushing the envelope when it came the saying, WTF? Well, it seems that spooky has turned into cutesy. I would find it rather bizarre to see through the […]

Fashion Gets a Bad Rap!

Those who are in fashion may be perceived as flighty, flitzy, and air-headed.  While this may be true for a select few, it certainly is not true for all of us!  Now let’s think about this; what in the world would give others this impression of us?  Hmm…?  Oh, I got it!  It might have […]

Fashion Don’t: Fake Tattoo Sleeves and Stickers

Tattoos are the perfect fashion accessory, but only when they are the real deal! No fakes please! You can spot a fake a million miles away, as it just looks so cheesy. No adult should sport one on an everyday basis, as this is a big no no. The only cases where fake tattoos are […]

Lady Gaga’s Inspired Eye Enlarging Contacts

Everyone seems to be going Gaga over a new eye enlarging phenomena.  Thanks to the one and only Lady Gaga, she has her fans singing a new tune to her interesting look in her video, “Bad Romance.” When I saw this video, I actually thought that she was digitally enhanced or photoshoped. I didn’t know […]