Body Bling for a New Generation

Before when you wanted to make a fashion statement and try body modification you pierced your navel, nose, and even got a beauty mark. But for the more adventurous diva, there is something more permanent. Microdermals or dermal anchors are piercing that are just below the skin’s surface and give the client the ability to […]

Riding on Coatails

At what particular point in fashion has “EMO” stepped in and taken over? It seems to me that this whole EMO thing is just capitalizing off of what has already been done. Point-in-case, Punk originates, then comes Goth, then comes Emo-tional. It seems as though EMO has derived clothing aspects from both of these groups. […]

Lace-Up Back Piercings

Did you know that piercings are a form of jewelry and are now considered the modern fashion accessory?  Piercings on the body symbolize a retaliation against normal laws of society.  They express freedom and individuality in a conservative world.  We all know that people get their ears, nose, lip, and tongue pierced, but what about other body parts? The new method […]

Tongue Tattoos

Welcome to the weird and wacky world of tongue tattoos!  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder right?  WRONG!  As people, we are always looking for the latest and greatest new idea or invention.  Tatooing has been around for quite some time, so isn’t it natural that we’d get bored with just tattooing […]