Fake Lashes vs Lash Extensions

Looking forward to your new pair of extensions, strip lashes, or maybe just your favorite mascara? Not knowing which way to turn and what might be the best outcome for your lashes? Well, if you are someone who hasn’t been blessed with long and luscious lashes, or those that can’t a hold curl, you should either turn to fake lashes or eyelash extensions. There are many different kinds and options for you to go for, and we will explain the difference in the following article, just keep on reading!

Everything You Need To Know – Lash Extensions


Lash extensions are applied on top of your natural lashes by a certified esthetician. They are customized per your eye shape, eye type, and preference. If you are someone who has sparse lashes, or super short ones you will fall in love with this solution since it can look very natural.

Lash extensions come in many different materials, mostly synthetic or faux mink, and they are applied with an adhesive on top of your natural lashes. You can go for a classic infill, or for some Russian volume lashes (based on your preference).

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Everything You Need To Know – Strip Lashes


Unlike the extensions, these lashes don’t demand a certified expert. In fact, you can apply them on your own and whenever you feel like it. Easy to find and purchase online, at any bigger malls, or drug stores. These lashes aren’t individuals (like extensions), and they come in one shape that is already created and shaped into a lash. Once you get these you can apply them with tweezers, or with your fingers, as long as you are careful enough and if you have the right lash glue.

You can choose natural, voluminous, or individual lashes and apply them on a daily basis. One lash can survive 4-5 constant applications. After that, you should throw it away and purchase a new pair.

Their Prices


Lash extensions can cost anywhere from $100-250. This depends on your place of living, your standards, your countries’ economy, and the experience level of your esthetician.

Strip lashes can range from $1-40. The higher they are priced, the better materials have been used in their production (mink lashes etc).

Different Life Span


You can wear and enjoy your extensions for up to 4 weeks, but you will have to do the regular refills every 3 weeks. In most salons, every refill is almost half the initial price since the beautician uses a lot less material for the second application.

Strip lashes can survive 3-4 wears or just during your current day. Once you apply them, if the glue is good enough, they can stay on for even 10 hours! After that, you will have to pull on them to remove them and either place in their box or throw away.

How They Are Applied


Extensions demand precision and patience. You will need to come to your appointment barefaced, and you will have to lay down on a table during the 1-2 hour application process. Luckily, this process only happens once a month, so you should be okay with finding time and motivation to run to the salon. Once you do, you will save so much time in the morning. Think about all the eye makeup you won’t need to apply! No reason for mascaras, strip lashes, eyeliners and what not!

Strip lashes will take 5 minutes of your time, however, on an everyday basis once you do the math, they might take up a bit more of your time than the extensions. Also, think about the fact that you will have to carry your mascaras, back up tweezers and lash glue no matter where you go, which might be a bit of a hassle.

All The Products That You Need to Avoid


Extensions can’t stand several things, such as:

  • Oil – this might irritate them and cause them to fall out sooner than expected. Always use oil-free makeup removers and give your lashes the best of the best.
  • Mascaras – these can tug on your extensions as well as on your eyelid. Avoid them since they are useless, you can have your wanted curl and volume with the right set of extensions and 0 % of mascara or lash curlers.

Strip lashes hate:

  • Water – you can’t go to the pool or to the beach and expect these to survive massive water exposure, or even rain and the sun. The glue could melt right away, which wouldn’t have been the case if you had extensions.
  • Wind – with a lot of wind your lashes might peel off and disappear for good, therefore it is crucial for you to avoid wearing them during bad weather.

Who Wins?


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In the end, it is all about your preference and what you believe works the best for you. If you want to think less, act carefree, and just live in the moment, then lash extensions are a better idea.

However, if you are not in the mood for the refills, and you love the process of doing something on your own, you might find glue-on lashes a bit more appropriate.

~ Melissa Bergen, Associate Editor

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