Hottest Lipstick Trends of 2017: Match Your Style & Mood

When it comes to showing off your personal style and current mood with makeup, nothing beats a good old lipstick. However, these days there’s nothing “old” about lipstick trends. There’s a reason why the most iconic makeup look involves subtle eye makeup, properly groomed brows, and a pop of colour on your lips to make the whole look come together. Still, year 2017 brings some changes when it comes to lipstick trends. Now, it’s all about the comfort!

Lip oils

Definitely the most comfortable lipstick formulation of them all, lip oils are getting more and more attention every day. Beauty community raves about them since they make your lips plump, healthy, moisturized, and not at all sticky. Of course, the best lip oils do not drip or slide from your lips. They gently cover your lips and sink into the sensitive skin while leaving a nice glow and a flattering tint of colour. Since they’re getting so popular, you can find great lip oils with an incredible colour payoff as well.

Lip tints

People all around the world are getting more interested in Korean skincare and makeup trends. Because of that, the popularity of BB creams has been on the rise ever since. However, this year, lip tints are also making their way to the top in the beauty community. They may not be as long-lasting as your regular matte liquid lipsticks, but they still last a pretty long time without drying out your lips. Moreover, even though the gradient lip tint trend has been popular for a while, it seems that it’s going to take the world by storm this year.

Lip toppers

Lip toppers trend is definitely something exciting to look forward to in 2017. When it comes to changing your style a little bit, slightly stepping out of your comfort zone or simply adjusting your lip shade to your current mood, lip toppers are the best. Apart from those lip toppers that can darken your lipstick shade a bit as well as those that make your lipstick shade change depending on the temperature and light, the most popular trend for lip toppers this year is definitely going to be the holographic effect.

Matte lipsticks

Once they came to existence, matte lipsticks were bound to stay popular. However, the biggest twist of 2017 concerning matte lipsticks is the demand to make them more comfortable and less drying on the lips. Therefore, makeup brands are coming up with new lines and formulations of matte lipsticks to meet the expectations. When it comes to the shade trends, really ashy and taupey colours are a definite hit of 2017.

Lip gloss

Forgotten for a while, lip gloss is making its great comeback this year. Really glossy, pigmented and non-sticky formulas are a must-have for every girl who likes to shine. These days you can choose between a wide range of regular shades with this particular finish and those that have a ton of glitter particles in them. However, there’s no chunky glitter involved in today’s market. Modern lip glosses are perfect to make your lips glass-like and fabulous.

Amazing smile

In order to confidently rock all the hottest lipstick trends this year, make sure to take care of your lips first as well as be very particular with your oral hygiene. Apply rich balms on your lips every night before you go to bed. Stick to the regular dental routine. Brush your teeth gently twice a day and don’t forget to use floss and mouthwash. Thanks to the amazing Invisalign technology, even if you have to correct your teeth you’ll get invisible braces that won’t disturb your lip look. Of course, use whitening toothpaste to keep your smile bright and attractive.

Have you already found your favourite lip trend this far into the year? Makeup is something fun and personal that allows you to express your individuality and creativity, so feel free to rock whatever lip colour and lipstick formula you find the best for you.

~ Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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