Marble Nail Art: You Swirl Girl!

Marbleized nails are a new, beautiful trend but you can end up spending a lot of money at the salon to get this look. Here are some tips on trying this look on a budget you can afford and making it your own!

Equipment needed-

    • Nail Polish in assorted colors
    • Body Scrub
    • 220/280 nail file
    • N.A.S 99
    • Avoplex Cuticle treatment
    • Avoplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil
    • OPI (or similar) Designer brush
    • Clear Top Coat
    • Nail Clipper
    • Nail Polish remover
    • RapidDry Spray
    • Cuticle pusher

1. Wash hands. This not only ensures that your nails and under nail is clean, but that there is no contamination during the manicure process.

2. File nails to desired shape. To square nails, keep file straight, while if an oval shape is desired, file at 45 degree angle.

3. Get out your nail clippers and cut any hangnails or uneven pieces.

4. Soak your hands and massage in body scrub to your hands. Although it is not necessary, it does exfoliate and you will thank me later! Remove any residue with NAS 99.

5. Use exfoliating cuticle treatment by dabbing in a small drop to each nail. Then push cuticles.

6. Cleanse nail with NAS 99. Then apply Nail and Cuticle replenishing oil to each nail.

7.Then using your own selected nail colors, drop dots of color on each nail. Swirl together using a designer brush (can even be a small art detail brush), making sure to use a clean brush for each color. You can also alternate using a clear top coat brush to swirl colors or create designs. You can also use a water marbleizing technique by keeping a disposable cup of water at room temperature, then add 10 drops of nail polish remover to the water.  This will prepare your water for the polish so it won’t sink. Do not submerge nail brush in water!  After this, add your colors and swirl with a toothpick to desired design. Carefully apply to each nail.

8. Then apply clear top coat. Allow plenty of time for your design to dry before doing this step. 

Remember that this might take several times to master these techniques. Have fun and learn your own way to perfect these ideas.

~ Rachael Zaretsky, Associate Editor

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