Nikki Minaj Gets “Wiggy” With It!

nicki-minaj-ftr Ever since Lady GaGa broke out her collection of wigs, she paved the way for others to ride on her coat tails. It seems that rap-star singer, Nikki Minaj is not going to let Ms. GaGa have all the ‘Fame.’ Even though you know that Nikki is wearing wigs, they actually look great and you can tell they are of high quality. I am impressed by her ‘roots’ as it actually looks like she is growing her own hair and not a wig. I can say that I have never seen a wig look more life-like, than on Nikki.

I have worn a wig before for a straight month and let me tell you, they are NOT comfortable. They itch, are hot, and always look fake. I got constant headaches from wearing the wig and I can’t imagine how Nikki can wear them all the time without some type of irritation. I give her credit, as I have tried before.


American Idol has given Nikki a platform to showcase all her wigginess. I like every one she puts on, even the ones that are apparently fake. I think it is her confidence that helps to pull off these hair styles. I would personally like to see what she looks like without a wig, wouldn’t you? I bet she has short buzzed hair very tight to her head. This way, she doesn’t have to worry about tucking back hair strands and hiding them in the wigs. It is probably easier for her to wear them with just a cap on her head, holding the wig in place. We may never know the ‘real” head of hair that lurks under these wigs, but does it really matter?

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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