The Mascara Guard

As of lately, I feel like I keep seeing this “Mascara Guard” product to apply your mascara. Have I personally used this before? No. But, I feel like it is trending right now and deserves a look at. I have to say that at least 2 times a week, I poke myself in the eye real bad when applying mascara. I know I am not the only one doing this and maybe the guard prevents smearing and eye poking?

You can use this guard 3 different ways: Above, Below, and the Side of the eye. Now to me, this just looks like one of those inventions that you would pay $10 for as a “Seen on TV” product. We know how all those products end up…in the garbage.

Mascara GuardI don’t know if this product would be a good thing or more of a hindrance? So, is this little plastic doodad going to prevent me from jabbing my eye still? Is this going to waste mascara, as more of it gets on the plastic than your lashes? I feel like we are in a society that manufactures products that we are made to believe, we need. Do we really need one more thing cluttering up our makeup bag? How many of you out there still use a lash curler? Not I. Aren’t there plenty of new mascaras claiming to curl your lashes for you?

There are several different looking versions of this tool. They all do the same thing, even though one may be vertical vs. horizontal. It looks like you can buy this tool at online retailers and Ebay for as low as $1.29. I would just stick with the good old fashioned way of applying mascara (don’t be in a rush and take your time). Just go slow with a steady hand and use your money to buy a Slurpee instead!

Watch this video as it shows you how to use…

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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