D’OR24K Prestige “Collagen Renewal Mask” with 24K Gold

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I was able to test out the D’OR24K Collagen Renewal Mask. I am someone who does have deep set laugh lines around the corners of my mouth. I know my laugh lines (see how I am not saying wrinkles…LOL) can definitely benefit from a product like this. As I am getting older, I am finding the value in products that help with anti-aging.

Who is D’OR24K?

D’OR 24K is a Miami based ultra-premium skin care retailer serving discerning consumers worldwide. They understand their customers’ need for quality skin care products and they strive to bring them the best the skincare world has to offer. They hand select every ingredient that goes into their products to ensure they offer effective, reliable results their customers can depend on.

What does this collagen mask do?

  • The 24 karat gold and collagens work with antioxidants, natural soy proteins, fruit acids, South Sea pearl exfoliants, ginkgo, biloba, aloe, and green tea to create an effective emollient wrinkle-reducing mask.
  • The D’OR 24K Collagen Mask seals in moisture while reducing pore size, wrinkles, and fine lines. 
  • The mask replenishes on a cellular level by nourishing the deep tissues of your skin, infused with gold and collagen to improve tissue elasticity, the D’OR24K Collagen Mask will replenish skin with a boost of vitamins, minerals, and vital ingredients to help repair the signs of aging.
  • While all collagen products aim to moisturize your face, a mask fights aging even more aggressively. Its first goal is to slow the collagen depletion. By age 40, the body has already lost 40% of its ability to produce collagen, so a product that can speed the production of collagen while fighting the damaging effects of free radicals should be an essential part of your beauty regimen.

The Packaging

The packaging is gorgeous! The clean white box opens up on each side which gives the feel of this box a futuristic look. The company knows their brand and has implemented who they are with their main signature being “24K gold” and has woven this into their packaging. Their lettering is in gold which offsets the box box beautifully.

Inside the box you will receive a certificate of authenticity, along with the clear see through applicator.

The jar is absolutely stunning! The jar has a mirrored effect which bounces everything off of it. The design is sophisticated, classy, elegant, and luxurious looking.

When you turn the box around, the words are also printed in gold and it let’s us know that this mask is FDA compliant, Paraben Free, Dermatology tested, recyclable, and cruelty free.

The Mask

When I unscrewed the lid, there was a protective cap on the jar which just lifts off.

The mask inside the jar is quite thick and a light mint or pistachio green color.

You will receive 1.7FL.OZ of the mask.

Applying the Mask

This are my “before” photos, before applying the mask. I do have deep set laugh lines by my mouth, as you can see me pointing to it. I hope that over time, they will diminish by using this mask.

The application instructions say to apply once a week to your face, neck, and decollete with circular motions, smoothing the mask into facial contours. Allow it to hydrate and firm the skin for ten minutes and then rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

The mask smelled like like a subtle floral scent, yet it also reminded me of fresh clean air. It smelled good and clean, but I couldn’t pinpoint just one smell, as the mask was layered with a few aromatic smells.

When I washed the mask off my face, my face felt very lightweight and soft.

The Results

This is my laugh line “before” applying the mask.

This is my laugh line “after” applying the mask. Now I know that I will need to keep applying this face mask weekly, in order to see see my laugh line diminish. As with a flower, it doesn’t grow overnight. It takes time to grow with nourishment from water and the sun. The same is true for wrinkles and fine lines. Those wrinkles took a long time to grow, but with the nourishment of this mask, it will hopefully diminish their appearance.

Purchase the mask

If you would like to purchase this mask for yourself, you can do so with a 20% off exclusive discount with the coupon code: BLOG20 to be redeemed for any product(s) on https://www.dor24k.com/collections/daily-use/products/24k-essential-facial-cleanser

This mask retails for $1,375.00, as it contains 24K Gold. However, with 20% off, this is the time to try this product or any others that you’ve been eyeing.

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I want to thank BrandBacker and D’OR24K for proving me this opportunity to test out this luxury product. I know it will be a life saver in helping to make me not only feel younger, but look younger too.

~ Nikki, Fashion Editor

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