How to Make Exercising Fun and Pleasurable

The best way to stick to your workout routine is to actually fall in love with exercising, being fit and strong. But, how can you love something that is exhausting and painful? Check out these tips from people who actually enjoy working out!

Set realistic goals


If you go out and run until you drop, you’ll not want to do it again tomorrow. Also, if you go to the gym, do 5 reps on weights, you’ll not find it challenging at all! With this in mind, try to set good goals—the ones that are challenging but realistic enough so you can actually achieve them.

Get a workout buddy


Everything is more fun when you have company, workouts included. So, get an exercise buddy who is committed to their fitness and let them motivate you to push forward.

Dress like a pro


Sure, you don’t need expensive clothes, shoes and gear to have an effective workout, but you’ll certainly be more motivated to give it your all when you look the part. Simply, if you look more athletic, you’ll feel more athletic! For this reason, get some new jogging shoes, a moisture-wicking shirt and pants, and a set of stylish sweatbands!

Spice things up every once in a while


Sticking to the same routine every day can be both boring and bad for your fitness progress. Therefore, make sure to mix your regular workout with some new and fun activities. For instance, if you live in Australia where the weather is always sunny and warm, how about taking your bike for a spin! You can even check out some Sydney electric bikes, which are just perfect for long distance rides. These bikes will give you a push when you need it the most and make your rides fun and challenging enough! If you live somewhere cold, you can alternate the gym with an indoor pool. Just make sure to spice things up.

Blast some good tunes


Music can greatly improve your workouts and make them more fun! Most people who have a habit of blasting some upbeat tunes while exercising say that music makes their workouts much more enjoyable.

Don’t think about the scale


If you focus too much on losing those extra 20 pounds and you don’t see immediate results, you’ll feel very demotivated and ready to quit. So, instead of thinking about the scale all the time, try to focus on smaller goals. For instance, try to set a new rep record or run more than you did last week. You could also concentrate the extra energy you have on playing with kids, how much healthier you feel and how happier you are. It’s not all about calories, fat-burning, and muscle gains!

Treat yourself


You can treat yourself, but not for losing weight or gaining muscle! Instead, give yourself a pat on the back for achieving a seven-day workout streak or for having an extra fun and intense workout. When you reward yourself for regular exercises, you’re actually promoting and strengthening your commitment to being healthy and strong, not skinny.

Don’t worry if you don’t love it every day


Even people who dedicated their lives to a certain sport or really and genuinely enjoy working out will feel less motivated during certain days. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t love to exercise anymore—it only means they are having a bad workout day. This one day will not ruin your progress or make you a failure as long as you try again tomorrow. So, next time you cut your workout short or don’t do all your reps, don’t despair!

The first few weeks will be hard, but if you stick to it and implement these tips, you’ll witness great results, which will make you love exercising and being fit and healthy!

Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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