Make Losing Weight and Getting into Shape Fun and Exciting

So, you’ve decided to give losing weight another go. Chances are that this is not your first time trying to get into shape and, given that you are here, reading this, you have probably either failed at all the previous attempts or bounced back to the “sedentary heavyweight” category. Well, how about trying to tackle your weight loss goals in a couple of fun and exciting ways? We guarantee that you’ll get hooked!

Get determined


The first thing that you need to do in order to prepare yourself for your future weight loss endeavours is motivate yourself. Be excited and think about your future lean self! Take a couple of pictures in the mirror – these will serve as a reminder of your progress, an evidence of a huge personal achievement and, most importantly, as a reason not to give up! Do everything in your power to boost your determination.

Make your own meals


The more “premade” a meal is, the worse it is for your health and body shape. In other words, if you keep eating junk food, not spending a second a day on making your own meals, your appetite will grow. Alternatively, if you set aside time to prepare your own meals, you’ll experience something remarkable: the ‘hungry eyes syndrome’ will disappear. Essentially, this is owing to the fact that we, as human beings, rely too much on taste, and our sense of taste has been clouded over time by spicy and additive-infested foods. By eating, we actually satiate two cravings at once: hunger and taste, and seeing as how the sense of smell is indeed heavily connected to the sense of taste, making our own meals will naturally help you keep in touch with your actual needs, preventing you from overeating and making you crave healthy foods, all based on your nose.

Make working out fun


Without physical activity to complement your new eating habits, you’ll quickly bounce back to your regular eating routine – the more you work out, the more ‘good foods’ your body will require and crave. But workout tends to be boring and exhausting, especially for newbies, so how do you make this process fun and exciting? Think about the sports that you love playing, and if not, think about those that you enjoy watching. It can be anything – from soccer to rowing (nope, stuff like golf doesn’t count). This day and age, you can engage in almost every activity, no matter where you live, but in order to motivate yourself, you should get quality professional equipment; dress for the sport you want to play, not for the one you are playing (which is probably none). For example, despite the fact that you are a recreational player, getting professional soccer gear can go a long way in helping you motivate yourself.

Treat yourself when you’ve deserved it


Now that you’ve brought your diet and your physical activity together, it’s time to think about staying on track towards progress. According to research, it takes 21 days of strict behaviour to form a habit. 21 days of serious dieting and working out sounds harder than it is – I mean, think back three weeks ago: was it really that long ago? The problem with strict behaviour, however, is that it can easily lead to you breaking after the habit is formed – all it takes is a personal issue to arise, and you’ll end up derailed and back to your own sedentary habits.

Weight loss should be fun and exciting, not stressful and punishing, so feel free to treat yourself occasionally! For example, after a hard workout (we’re talking sweat everywhere), go ahead and feast on your favourite meal, or, if you’ve really outdone yourself with workouts during the previous week, go ahead and take a couple of days of rest; it actually may even boost your progress!


The best way to approach weight loss is to think of it as something exciting and fun! Truthfully, a lean body is a direct consequence of healthy eating habits, quality workout sessions and the lack of pressure – the combination of the three will quickly make you realize that leading a healthy lifestyle is much easier and more rewarding than it sounds.

~ Diana Smith, Associate Editor

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