From Vogue To Your Closet: Brazil Loves Rihanna

Rihanna’s bohemian glamour look for Brazil’s issue of Vogue turned out to be head-to-toe flawless. The choice of fashion jewelry and garments or should we say lack there of, they chose to go with, really brings this island chic style together to create a look that is natural and sexy with a hint of that Rihanna edginess we all know and love.

The island star is known for making statements which is why it’s no surprise that she is topless in a good amount of the spread. She is also known to be a huge fan of jewelry. You can always catch Rihanna wearing some type of unique piece of sparkle, whether it be rings on every finger, or body chains. The stylist stayed true to Rihanna’s sense of style and incorporated an array of beautiful, shiny pieces that complemented the stars’ sun kissed glow perfectly. The fashion jewelry brings this overall look together and makes it polished. Gold bangles and arm cuffs, mixed in with layers of dainty gold necklaces, bamboo style hoops as well as some statement neck pieces and rings, were all used to reflect the Brazilian sun and give Rihanna that extra glimmer. This look is easily accessible for all for similar styles like Rihanna’s. Check out the following online boutiques HERE and create an urban chic look that exudes beauty and sex appeal.

Take a behind-the-scene look at Rihanna’s Vogue shoot…

 ~ Monica Terry, Associate Editor

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